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Companies Interested in Highly-Skilled Foreign ProfessionalsSYNC LOGISTICS INC.

Becoming a partner of all trading companies

[A workplace where a team of unique individuals work together]

The number of personnel working at the Kawasaki Head Office and the office in Fukuoka is only 35.

These members are mostly in their mid twenties to early thirties and over half of them are bilingual. We are recruiting an increasing number of international staff.
* English, Chinese, Mongolian, Sinhalese (Sri Lanka), and Tagalog (Philippines)
Individuals with different nationalities, skills, personalities, and backgrounds work together as a team and endeavor to solve issues.

We need more power to realize our mission. We seek new colleagues who are ready to take on challenges.


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Only English
Skills Required

Role Expected of Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

  • Bridge Builder with Foreign Enterprises, such as in Expanding Overseas (Bridging Resource)
  • Innovation and Planning from the Perspective of People Overseas
  • Management or Research & Development for Domestic Business Using Specific Professional Knowledge

Required Persons

  • Humanities (Language)
  • Humanities (Sales/Marketing)
  • Humanities (Trade Affairs)


  • Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles Parts/Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Non-Manufacturing Sector

Business Content

In 2020, SYNC LOGISTICS INC. will mark seven years since its foundation. With the goal of “Becoming a partner of all trading companies” in mind, we offer international logistics services in 40 countries around the world.
In 2018, we introduced SaaS for our management system and started offering related services.
We are a trading technology company of 35 staff, realizing the combination of “trade and ICT.”

We started as a logistics company in the used car export industry. After providing the most efficient cargo shipping solutions, we shifted our focus to the long-term growth of the industry and development of society rather than our own short-term gains. We are striving to be a company that is needed globally.
Our business
- Car import logistics services
Annual number of cars transported: 70,000
- Trade information sharing platform “La-Plus”

Countries/Areas of Interest

  • Sri Lanka
  • China
  • Mongolia
  • USA

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Socio Isago4F 1-10-2 Isago Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku Kanagawa 210-0006
Tel : 044-276-1688

Company Info

Capital:10 million yen
Amount of sales:2 billion 400 million yen
Number of employees:35 people
Year of establishment:July 2013 site: a new window will open.