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Companies Interested in Highly-Skilled Foreign ProfessionalsCHUGAI IYAKU SEISAN Co., Ltd.

Study pharmacology in a clean, high-quality company environment!

We are a pharmaceutical company in Iga city, Mie, celebrating our 100th anniversary this year. In 2017, we were designated “The Leading Company for the regional future” by METI. We were awarded as a “Company Where Both Males and Females Work Dynamically”. We create a female-friendly work environment. Half of our staff is female and have taken maternity/parental leaves. In staff training, we aim to improve humanity and train professionals by giving them the chance to take on challenges, and create an environment where they can shine.
We research and develop products for overseas markets under our long term project. Our strategy aims for worldwide sales of Japanese medicine now only popular in Asia. Therefore, we need highly-skilled foreign professionals to support us for developing new products and creating marketing strategy. We recruit those who have wide perspectives, work speedily, are interested in the world, and are familiar with social aspects like languages and customs.


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Only English
Skills Required

Role Expected of Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

  • Bridge Builder with Foreign Enterprises, such as in Expanding Overseas (Bridging Resource)
  • Management or Research & Development for Domestic Business Using Specific Professional Knowledge

Required Persons

  • Sciences (Technical Sales)
  • Sciences (Engineering)
  • Sciences (Research & Development)


  • Medical Supplies and Cosmetics

Business Content

We focus on the manufacture and sale of medicine, and cover the whole process starting from R&D. We sell prescription drugs, OTC drugs, quasi-drugs, beverages, and health food. We engage in joint development with large pharmaceutical companies and manufacture eight well-known products seen in TV advertisements. We have many private label product collaborations with large pharmacies, and deal with almost every top-ten pharmacy chains in Japan.
Our strengths include sugar coating of tablets, development and manufacture of suppositories mainly for hemorrhoids, and filtering technology for liquid medicine containing many crude drug ingredients.
In these areas, we are highly valued by many large pharmaceutical companies and receive daily requests for manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and joint developments. We will continue constructing a system to cover the process from R&D to manufacture and to be a research, development and suggestion oriented company.

Countries/Areas of Interest




Appearance of the Head Office


7-5-5 Yumegaoka Iga- City Mie 518-0131
Tel : 0595-21-0120

Company Info

Capital:53.3 million yen
Amount of sales:3 billion 535 million yen
Number of employees:140 people
Year of establishment:October 1945