RoToTo is created with our goal of making products that are loved forever. They are high-quality, comfortable, and made in Japan.

Seasonless two layer socks are made using a rare knitting technique. The outer fabric is cotton, and inside is finished with natural silk. The fabric has excellent moisture release and absorption as well as comfort due to the proteins in the silk.

Silknoil is also called ecology silk, referring to the thread that is omitted in the spinning process of ordinary silk. The material has high durability by knitting a fluffy pile inside and combining nylon thread on the outside. The silk provides softness to the socks as well as wicking moisture.

Knitted with old-fashioned knitting machines, of which only a few are left in the industry. Creating a grainy look by using hand-milled corrugated thick organic slab yarns, and recycled cotton that is usually left out of the process.

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