Inno Vietnam-Japan Fast Track Pitch 2023

New approaches for optimizing the value of used/end-of-life EV batteries in the circular economy

Message from Leadership

Mr. Duc Vo Director of Strategy and Investment at VinES Energy Solutions JSC

The global electrification has been growing at a very fast pace with breakthrough advancement witnessed at all stages of the global supply chain. Together with global commitment, the world is observing a tremendous opportunity toward global sustainability. In which, innovative solutions in battery repurposing and recycling is considered to play a vital role which will will not only reduce upstream carbon footprint, less dependent on ne w-mined material, but also allows EVs become more affordable and accelerate global transition to EV. We look forward and encourage global talents and efforts to make sustainable impacts together

VinES 's Challenge

  1. CReduce stresses and dependency on the newly-mined mineral (upstream) to make EV more affodardble and accelerate the global mobility electrification
  2. Reduce the environmental impacts of the used/end-of-life EV batteries
  3. Potential to create new jobs for the downstream supply chains
Collaboration Needs New applications for used/end-of-life batteries to be deployed which can help to improve and optimize the value of the batteries
  • Opportunity to support start-ups along the process of developing the proposed solutions/approaches by working closely with VinES’s team of experts having real-life experience and knowledge of the challenges
  • Opportunity to be connected with our global ecosystem of partnership across the battery supply chain
  • Opportunity to integrated solutions in our business activities
  • Opportunity to be considered for the funding channels
Assets/Support Support from our internal teams of experts and network of global partnerships across the battery supply chain

About VinES

VinES Energy Solutions, a member of Vingroup, specializes in researching, developing, and manufacturing advanced lithium ion batteries for mobility, energy storage and other applications. VinES Cell-to-Pack / Rack manufacturing capabilities ensure the delivery of advanced solutions with high quality and safety standards.VinES has been cooperating with many world-leading partners across global battery supply chain to offer comprehensive solutions as a transformative energy solutions provider.

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