Inno Vietnam-Japan Fast Track Pitch 2023

Collaboration and Expansion for streamline B2B SaaS or Fintech solutions

Message from Leadership

Nana Nagai
Money Forward Group - Group Executive Officer
Money Forward Vietnam Co.,Ltd - CEO

The mission of Money Forward is "Money Forward. Move your life forward". We are aware that money is essential for guarding ourselves and our families, as well as for realizing our dreams. We contribute to building a better society by providing services that enable users to “see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities,” thereby significantly enriching their lives. With the vision "Becoming the financial platform for all", Money Forward aims to solve financial issues of all individuals and businesses through building an open and fair financial platform and providing essential services.
Money Forward Vietnam creates opportunity, you grasp it. Money Forward Vietnam's mission is "Drive global growth forward with users' delight". The mission implicitly calls out synergies from everyone who is aiming at a moving our life forward. Thus, we believe in your unlimited potential to define pain points in fintech segment and tackle it with Money Forward Vietnam.

Money Forward's Challenge

Seeking innovative start-ups to solve B2B SaaS x Fintech challenges in the ASEAN Region.
In the B2B SaaS and Fintech discipline, regulatory compliance is crucial. Even though each country has its own regulations, resulting in business scalability and expansion challenges.
We see challenges as new opportunities, if we solve it and dedicate our services to users in the region, more people will be beneficial, more works will be streamlined.
Therefore, we are keen to find partners who have innovative solutions to the market. It is also nice if providing and developing services that fit to the specific requirements of each market in the future.
Collaboration Needs We seek start-ups with innovative solutions that can explore the promising financial pain points so that our Fintech and SaaS services can be deployed across multiple countries within ASEAN, while navigating diverse regulatory environments and providing seamless client experiences. In particular, we are interested in countries or regions with flexible regulations, as this would facilitate the deployment of these solutions.
Additionally, we are open to products that can generate synergies by integrating with the services in our portfolio (like Mekari in Indonesia and Bizzi in Vietnam). We believe that products that can complement or enhance our services would be highly valuable to us.
  • To be considered for an Investment.
  • Partnership to expand the products/services through Money Forward's experience, know-how and network.
  • Co-development of new/existing products and services.
  • Financial support, mentorship support, technical support from Money Forward Group.
  • Knowledge support (e.g: business logic) from human resource to accountance area.
  • Global network and access to Money Forward's subsidiaries and partners in Japan and other countries.

About Money Forward

Money Forward is a SaaS/fintech company, providing PFM (personal financial management) service "Money Forward ME" and back office SaaS "Money Forward Cloud". Since our establishment in 2012, our aim has been to solve financial issues of all individuals and businesses through building an open and fair financial platform, thriving to be a player that brings innovative ideas and practices to all users. Money Forward was listed on Prime Market under the new market segmentation of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. on April 2022.

Money Forward Vietnam, established in 2018, is the first overseas branch of Money Forward Inc. We are providing and developing services for Japanese market, we have made some investments into the startups such as Mekari (Indonesia), FlowAccount (Thailand) and Bizzi (Vietnam) to expand our partnership in Southeast Asia. The vision of Money Forward Vietnam is “Becoming a No.1 Fintech x SaaS Development Company in Asia”.