Inno Vietnam-Japan Fast Track Pitch 2023

Driving Financial Inclusion for Vietnamese people

Message from Leadership

Executive Vice Chairman and CEO (Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuong)

At MoMo, we believe that digital financial services should be accessible to every Vietnamese, empowering them to lead better lives. As a leading fintech in Vietnam, we are committed to fostering financial inclusion and making a positive impact on society. The Fast Track Pitch provides an incredible platform for us to collaborate with high-potential startups and drive innovation that transforms the financial landscape for the ordinary Vietnamese. Together, we can break down barriers and create a future where everyone can participate in the digital economy.

MoMo 's Challenge

  • Challenge 1: How do we accelerate financial inclusion by enhancing our ability to determine the creditworthiness of a broader base of users through credit scoring model or other methods, especially those who do not have a long transaction history within a digital financial services ecosystem?
  • Challenge 2: How do we innovate the payment experience to make it more friendly, easy to use and convenient for underserved user segments who are traditionally slow to adopt digital technologies, such as the middle-age and senior citizens, and users residing in rural areas?
  • Challenge 3: How do we embed donation and social giving in a digital financial services ecosystem naturally such that it provides a fun, engaging user experience and, at the same time, raising awareness about various social issues facing our society?
Collaboration Needs
  • Solution 1: Technologies and/or product designs that enhance the underwriting of unsecured loans for users with limited credit history, such as new methods to collect alternative data sources or methods to analyze scarce data more effectively to produce a reliable credit score.
  • Solution 2: Technologies and/or product designs that reimagine the digital payment experience for underserved user segments who typically face various challenges in adopting cashless payment methods, such as low-performance devices, slow and unstable internet connections, general unfamiliarity with digital services or lack of payment acceptance coverage due to merchants' limited digital sophistication in rural areas.
  • Solution 3: Technologies and/or product designs that embed charitable donations as a natural component of users' daily and financial activities on MoMo's app, such as when user purchases a product, discover local F&B stores, interact with other users on MoMo's platform or sign up for an investment product.
  • Opportunity to support startups in scaling up the solution with our product, technology and business resources
  • Opportunity to integrate solutions in our product portfolio and operating model
  • Opportunity to receive potential funding and form partnership with our company
  • Opportunity to leverage our customer base and digital channels (app/web) for rapid launch of the solution to mass market
Assets/Support Product management and business resources, technical and data science expertise, financial services industry knowledge, mentorship support, access to our customer base and digital channels, investment or partnership opportunities

About MoMo

Discover MoMo: Pioneering Financial Inclusion and Empowering Communities

At MoMo, our passion lies in harnessing the power of innovative mobile technology to improve the lives of individuals and merchants in Vietnam. For over 15 years, we have been steadfast in our commitment to simplifying and making financial solutions and daily services more accessible to everyone.

As Vietnam's leading e-wallet and consumer digital platform, we have cultivated a thriving community of 30+ million registered users and established over 140,000 points of presence throughout the country. Our diverse range of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of our users, as we continue to push the boundaries of financial inclusion.

MoMo is proud to be a trailblazer in introducing first-of-its-kind financial services, such as virtual credit cards and cash loans for users without credit scores. Our game-based donation platform has also transformed the way people contribute to charitable organizations, making giving more engaging and impactful. We are proud to have been recognized as Vietnam's leading Financial Services brand and one of the top 5 overall brands in the country, according to a recent YouGov survey.

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