Inno Vietnam-Japan Fast Track Pitch 2023

Software development using AI technology

Message from Leadership

WAKISAKA Kenichiro -President and Representative director

Major AI software developments to be considered for the following applications.

  1. To "improve business productivity" and "remotely support on-site work" and "provide realistic training" through the development of remote work support using XR technology.
  2. Application of AI technology;
    Introducing image AI judging Device to factory production lines to "improve productivity" and "efficiency of manufacturing processes" and to help quality control.
  3. Robotics Applications; Multilingual Conversational AI" on-board

Fujikin's Challenge

Challenges Fujikin, Inc. and Fujikin Vietnam are promoting DX at their manufacturing sites to improve productivity and reliability, and are considering the introduction of IT technologies such as the latest AI to improve work efficiency and remote work support (XR content development). The purpose of introducing these products is to improve the cycle time of work, increase production efficiency, reduce the workload of workers through automation, and reduce the "variability" of sensory inspections and manual human work.
In addition, XR will be used for remote monitoring, remote work, and remote communication between "Japan and Vietnam" to improve the efficiency and sophistication of operations.In addition, by reproducing various simulated situations in the metaverse space, the system can be used for worker education and training, enabling workers and instructors to understand issues based on mutual recognition while experiencing work procedures and key points as if they were in the field.
Collaboration Needs
  • Production plants
  • Company offices, etc.
  • Heighted work and hazardous work sites
  • Environments requiring work support from remote locations
  • Education sites (simulation training, work guidance)
Opportunity Example: Challenges in visual inspection
In the case of visual visual inspection, the accuracy of the inspection depends on the worker's skill level, which can easily lead to variations in inspection accuracy.
In addition, various factors, such as the worker's physical condition and concentration on the day, can affect the worker's inspection accuracy.
There is a limit to the detection of defects by visual inspection.
Solution: AI image recognition to automatically determine inspection results
Assets/Support Software development using AI technology / XR content development and other software development costs Hardware supply, demonstration test field.

About Fujikin

Danang Fujikin is a group company of Fujikin Co,.Ltd.,a japanese special fluid control equipment manufacturer. The Danang Fujikin "FUJIKIN R&D CENTER" was opened on the same day. Danang Fujikin is based in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park in central Vietnam. Has various themes. and is promoting joint research and development by exchanging an MOU with DUT(Da Nang University of Technology)

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