Inno Vietnam-Japan Fast Track Pitch 2023

Sustainable Urban Development of TOKYU Garden City to make the best place to live, work and visit in Vietnam, under the concept of "Always NEW!"

Message from Leadership

Oh Dongkun, General Director of Becamex Tokyu Corporation, Representative of Tokyu Group Vietnam

Binh Duong New City is the new center of politics, society, economy and culture in Binh Duong Province - the center of the major economic zone in southern Vietnam.

BECAMEX TOKYU, established 11 years ago, has been engaged in urban development such as housing, commercial facilities, transportation, etc. in Binh Duong New City (about 1,000ha) in Binh Duong Province, of which our development site “TOKYU Garden City”. With the concept of the city, ”Always NEW!”, we are constantly taking on the challenge of advanced initiatives in Vietnam and promoting sustainable urban development and is constantly growing together with the residents as a new township.

By working on various measures to improve the attractiveness of New city, we will develop the city from a medium- to long-term perspective and promote the creation of an environment that makes people feel that they want to live in our city.

We are making a city where everything is Always NEW.
So we are honored to participate in "ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Vietnam", and are looking forward to have a great collaboration to create business with "something NEW" with you.

Becamex Tokyu's Challenge

Challenges Challenges to sustainably add value to our New City from each aspects:
  • Transportation
    Vietnam is well known for its tradition and culture of using motorbikes which is now leading to heavy congestions and air pollutions especiall in the CBD of Ha Noi and HCMC. We are building public transportation network by bringing our bus system from Japan which have not yet been successfully accepted by majority of the citizens in the New City.
  • Entertainment
    Binh Duong New City is now popular for its rising economy due to the increase number of industrial parks and foreign direct investments. Although, the city still lacks in attractive entertainment or cultural resources to invite visitors from outside the province, such as from HCMC.
  • Education
    Though the education level in Binh Duong is ranked in top 2 in total of Vietnam, they are still following the traditional method of Vietnam and not much innovative edu-tech or edutainment is brought here, not attractive enough to bring foreign families to reside in the New City.
Collaboration Needs Tech solution for each of the issues whe have:
  • Transportation tech to accelerate modal shift for the citizens. Could be some smart mobilities or sharing vehicles to connect our bus networks from home, workplace and destination. Could be some attractive interface or incentives to motivate people to use the eco-friendly public transportation.
  • Entertainment facilities or application to install in our new city to attract people from outside the province. Some new experience provided to make our city a "New Destination" and increase inbound customers.
  • Edutech or edutainment system to attract innovative target families, foreigner families in Vietnam to choose our new city as the best city to give cutting edge education to their children. STEAM, smart online education or Kidzania like experience system where the whole city community will bring up the kids (i.e. future of the city) together.
Opportunity Opportunity for Proof of Concept in our Binh Duong New City (Binh Duong is the province with highest income in Vietnam) with plenty of land areas, residents and residences, commercial facilities and tenants, accomodation business, to globalize and brush up your business in Vietnam and SEA.
Assets/Support Land, infrastructure, residents and commercial facilities, building operation management, inhouse construction and design teams, marketing datas and strong connection with the provincial government. Possibly supports from our partners who are on the same business platform in the New City.

About Becamex Tokyu

Tokyu Group consists of over 200 companies and the core businesses include transportation, real estate, lifestyle and services, hotels and resorts, and business support services. Tokyu has been promoting urban development in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture of Japan for over 100 years as Transit Oriented Development based on the railway business. Bringing the resource from Japan to Vietnam, importing the whole business model of township development, Tokyu has started the business in Vietnam from 2012 with a joint corporation partner, Becamex IDC. Pursuing "Sustainable Development" also here in Vietnam, Becamex Tokyu is building a green city, smart city and sustainable city which is the New Challenge for all. Becamex Tokyu has built 3 condominiums, over 200 townhouse residents, 1 shopping center and a sustainable F&B area with the concept of edible landscape, compost and aquaponics. Becamex Tokyu is also tying PoCs for new technologies here such as smart city, smart home, automobilities, etc. Not just development and ICTs, but we invest in all the "Seven Environments" - transportation, ICT, Nature, Working, Entertainment/Culture, Medical and Education. Adding more values to the city, to make this New City the best place to live, work and visit in Vietnam.

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