Singapore-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event

Creating a circular economy in the agri-food value chain

Message from Leadership

The startup ecosystem in Japan is known to be a regional leader in innovation. The Fast Track Pitch will facilitate constructive engagement between leading food corporations like Buhler and talented startups so we can unlock solutions and innovate together in a broader, inclusive way. This is a tremendous opportunity to tackle the current fragmented landscape through an ecosystems approach, where we develop a community of practice to share learnings and capacity building. It is imperative that we explore collaborative solutions to the region's most pressing food system challenges, with the intention of harnessing access to shared resources and ideas outside of a corporation's area of expertise to solve critical challenges.  We look forward to closely working with Japanese startups to make an impact together!

Buhler’s Challenge

Challenges Title: Creating a circular economy in the agri-food value chain.
  • Challenge 1: How do we streamline and identify processes for food component extraction and direct nutrient recovery of high value ingredients?
  • Challenge 2: How do we create sustainable higher value ingredients for applications of insect-based products?
  • Challenge 3: How do we improve the quality, efficiency, cost and availability of bioprocessing technologies for fermentation and cellular agriculture (i.e cultivated meat) applications?
Collaboration Needs
  • Solution 1: Technologies that can extract valuable components from novel ingredients and by-products of agro-industrial food processes and upcycling the micro- and macro-nutrients from such ingredients through an applied process or technology into new food products such as alternative meat/dairy, savory/sweet snacks or others. Technologies to improve the quality (taste, nutrition) and cost of plant-based foods
  • Solution 2: Developing a modular and centralised solution to breeding and seedstock supply services for insect proteins. Novel applications for insect protein products and identifying suitable side streams and maintaining a steady supply of seed larvae.
  • Solution 3: Novel bioreactors and fermenters, technologies to Increase cell mass density, proliferation and harvesting, technologies to bring DSP to food industry-compatible costs, technologies for shaping, depositing,forming and scaffolding, improving strain development and cell-lines selection.
  • opportunity to support startup in scaling up by use of our application centres worldwide (such as the Protein Application Centre in Singapore)
  • opportunity to be team up to jointly offer the startup's technology solutions to our customers
  • opportunity to embed solutions in our portfolio
  • opportunity to be considered for funding channels
  • opportunity to gain access and leverage our wide innovation ecosystem of partners globally
Assets/Support Resources and know-how to develop proof of concept at our application centres, mentorship support, global network and access to our customer base/customer insights, investment opportunities

About Buhler

Bühler AG is a leading player for providing solutions across the entire protein value chain. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services. These include precise weighing, dosing and pre-treatment of raw materials, cooking and shaping using advanced extrusion techniques to drying and coating. From bean to burger, Bühler provide the complete solution along the protein value chain. As a relevant solution partner for the food and mobility industries, Bühler is committed to have solutions ready to multiply by 2025 at the latest that will reduce energy, waste, and water by 50% in its customers’ value chains. Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies as they cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured using parts produced with Bühler technology. Having this global relevance, Bühler is in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable business. Bühler invests up to 5% of turnover into research and development. As a Swiss family-owned company, Bühler is active in 140 countries around the world and operates a global network of 103 service stations, 30 manufacturing sites, and Application & Training Centers in 24 countries.