Singapore-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event

Physical Function Solutions for the Elderly

Panasonic Kurashi Visionary Fund

Message from Leadership

Kunio Gohara
Panasonic Corporation

For many years, Panasonic has enriched people's lives by providing products. Although the demands of people's lives have changed with the times, our goal remains the same. There must be still many ways to enrich people's lives. We will continue to take on the challenge of realizing richer lifestyles through support and co-creation with startups.

Panasonic’s Challenge

Challenges Since Panasonic has more than 20 years of experience in the elderly care business, we have a renewed awareness of the importance of how to shorten the time in which people are in need of nursing care and how to prevent them from becoming relying on such care. We are looking for a partner to promote advanced and unique solutions to improve and support physical functions and eating habits of the elderly.
Collaboration Needs A startup that provides solutions to improve and support the physical functions and eating habits of the elderly.
  • Make it easier for people who have difficulty
    • walking (excluding automated driving)
    • eating (excluding liquid diets)
    • seeing
    • hearing
    • speaking
    • in excreting (e.g., leaking, not making it to the toilet in time, etc.).
  • Consideration of introducing the product and services to the Japanese market
  • Opportunity to consider collaboration with Panasonic Corporation’s products and services
  • Opportunity to conduct POC with Pana
  • Funding by CVC
  • Panasonic Corporation's technology, manufacturing and sales channels (to be determined and agreed upon)

About Panasonic

Panasonic is a holding company with sales (FY22) of about $59.4B and seven operating companies under its umbrella. One of them, Panasonic Corporation, has sales (FY22) of about $24.3B and consists of five major businesses, 1) electric materials and building materials, 2) home appliances, 3) air quality and air conditioning-related business, 4) freezers and refrigerators for stores, and 5) China region business, and has this Panasonic Kurashi Visionary fund.