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NY Now 2018 Japan Pavilion

Kyowa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Our simple yet beautifully designed pedicure rasp buffs away hard skin in minutes. The technology that we employ to produce our pedicure rasps is precise to an accuracy range of 0.01 mm, using the same techniques utilized in manufacturing semiconductors, which achieves less pain during use. It is made of glass so you can clean it with water after use.

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Kyowa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kyowa Manufacturing Co., Ltd plans, develops, manufactures, and distributes products. Our speedy and efficient manufacturing process has allowed us to meet various market needs and trends. In addition to our planning capacity addressing various trends, we produce high-quality products by leveraging our expertise in quality control that we have gained from 60 years’ experience in the industry.

1-24-11, Tsukuda, Nishi yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 555-0001, Japan
Yukiko Hayakawa