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TBM is a company based in Japan specializing in developing, manufacturing and distributing LIMEX, an innovative new material mainly made from limestone and inorganic materials. Ranked as the #3 unlisted domestic company (c. $1.2 billion) by the Nikkei 2020 “NEXT Unicorn Survey”.
Out of the 17 SDGs, TBM prioritizes eight areas: 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17. By utilizing limestone, a natural resource abundant worldwide, we can reduce the consumption of precious natural resources such as water and oil. TBM contributes to developing a circular economy and improving resource efficiency, by establishing the collection and recycling system of LIMEX products.

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  • Limestone which is a major ingridient of LIMEX
  • LIMEX Sheet
  • LIMEX Pellet
  • Plastic Alternative Products by LIMEX
LIMEX, is an innovative new material mainly made from limestone and inorganic materials. The basic patents of LIMEX have been registered in 40 countries including Japan, China, Europe and the United States. LIMEX is registered in the sustainable technology dissemination platform "STePP" by UNIDO as a recyclable material that can be an alternative to paper and plastic.
CirculeX is a material that contains 50% or more of recycled material, such as used plastic and used LIMEX. We plan to develop products using CirculeX in diverse areas including packaging, logistics and building materials
Awards and Acceleration Program Track Record
2016 Japan Venture Awards 2016
2016 Plug and Play 2016
2017 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
2017 Japan US Innovation Awards 2017
2018 Red Dot Award
2019 - EOY 2019 Japan
2020 - Good Design Award
Environmental Initiatives
In order to meet the growing needs for recycled materials and plastic alternative materials throughout the world, TBM will promote LIMEX and CirculeX, a material made from used LIMEX and used plastics.