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Hyogo is often called “A Japan in Miniature” with its rich diversities. It has plentiful nature, with mountains, countryside, and seaside areas. It also has urban cities and industrial areas. It’s rich in cultural diversity. Kobe, central city of Hyogo, is one of big city with the population size of 1.52 million people, it is an area surrounded by the sea and mountains with rich natural environment. The city`s rich natural environment provide comfortable office and living environment. In terms of real estate costs for office locations, it has higher cost performance compared to Tokyo and the other cities in Asia.

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  • Kobe port at twilight
  • Kobe view from mountain
  • Old settlement Coastal Street
  • Kobe Rokko Island view from Sky Bridge
The City of Kobe Economic- Initiative Kobe(Wirtschafts-Offensive Kobe)
The City of Kobe and the Kansai Region is one of the leading economic centers in Japan. The Task of Economic Initiative Kobe (WOKobe) is to interest European companies in the city and the region and to motivate them to invest there. The focus is on the economic sectors of medicine, medical, new energy, aviation, and information technology. WOKobe provides information about the general conditions, the advantages and opportunities which European companies have. For this purpose, special supports and investment programs are provided to help them open their Japanese office much easier.
Office Rent Subsidy System
Basic requirements of foreign and foreign affiliated companies:(1)Companies founded under foreign laws, (2)Companies founded under the Japanese law with 1/3 or more of the capital investments of foreign corporations
Subsidy amount:Up to 50% of rent(utilities and taxes excl.)
Maximum subsidy period:3 years
Best Portal Zone HYOGO
Hyogo has the headquarters of 86 foreign-affiliated companies*. We work together with the City of Kobe and other municipalities in the prefecture and related organizations such as JETRO Kobe and Hyogo-Kobe Investment Support Center, while coordinating with the national government, to provide you with the“6 Bests.”
Since the fiscal year 2001, annually approximately 20 foreign/foreign-affiliated companies have utilized these“6 Bests” to establish businesses in Hyogo, and more companies are expected to do so in the future. Hyogo Prefecture is ready to help you maximize your profit with its best services and environment.The“6 Bests”You Need for Your Business
Environmental Initiatives
Hyogo Prefecture aims for a society with "zero carbon dioxide emissions in 2050" as a long-term plan in order to pass on a sustainable society to the next generation, and strengthens the reduction target in 2030 to realize it. In cooperation with a number of major companies working in the energy field, the City of Kobe is promoting a technological verification project that aims to establish a hydrogen supply chain and construct a testing facility on Kobe Airport Island, thus receiving a lot of attention from everyone working in the hydrogen industry.