NET ZERO Leaders Summit Japan Business Conference 2021 Towards a positive cycle of economic growth and environmental protection


This event has ended. Thank you all for coming.
The online seminars streamed during this event period will remain available on-demand (free of charge). Please check them out at the links on the EVENT SCHEDULE page.


Purpose of the Summit

In December 2020, the government of Japan formulated the “Green Growth Strategy Through Achieving Carbon Neutrality in 2050” as an industrial policy, leading the challenging goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This is in line with the vision strongly upheld by the Suga administration and aims toward a positive cycle of economic growth and environmental protection.

The online summit “NET ZERO Leaders Summit (Japan Business Conference 2021)” aims to promote the attractiveness of green investment in Japan. The main event features engaging panel discussions between world-leading figures to discuss the latest trends for achieving carbon Net Zero in the world.


NET ZERO Leaders Summit (Japan Business Conference 2021)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Event date
From Wednesday July 28, 2021 Online
Event agenda
Main program
Panel discussions by leaders at the forefront of world issues, etc.
Showcase of Japan via corporate booths
54 companies and local governments at the forefront of Japanese technology and services will exhibit PR booths at a virtual venue
Communication by Avatar
Attendees can use avatars to communicate in real time between exhibitors and participants
Admission fee

Main attractions

Attendees of the Net Zero Leaders Summit (JBC) can experience a variety of attractions at the virtual event site, such as panel discussions, visits to virtual corporate and local government booths, and related video content.
Attendees can use a virtual avatar to navigate through the virtual event site, visit event booths and communicate in real-time with other exhibitors and attendees.

  • Lobby
  • Auditorium

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The main program consists of keynote speeches and panel discussions by CEOs and leading figures from major companies and organizations around the world on the challenging goal of achieving carbon neutrality aiming toward a positive cycle of economic growth and environmental protection.


NET ZERO Leaders Summit

Opening Remarks

Chairman and CEO,
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)SASAKI Nobuhiko

Welcome Message

Prime MinisterSUGA Yoshihide

Keynote Speech(About 15 minutes)

Japanese Businesses' Initiatives towards Carbon Neutrality

(Japan Business Federation)TOKURA Masakazu

Panel Discussion 1
(About 50 minutes)​

Green Innovation

  • Moderator
    Managing Director & Senior Partner,
    Boston Consulting Group(BCG)
    TSUSAKA Miki
  • Panelist
    Chairman & CEO,
    Air Liquide
    Benoît POTIER
  • Panelist
    President and CEO,
    Vestas Wind Systems
    Henrik ANDERSEN
  • Panelist
    Former Chairman,
    President and CEO,
    Virginia M. ROMETTY
  • Panelist
    General Partner,
    MPower Partners
    Kathy MATSUI

Panel Discussion 2
(About 50 minutes)​​

Sustainable Finance

  • Moderator
    Country Executive for Japan,
    Bank of America
    SASADA Tamao
  • Panelist
    CEO – PRI
    (Principles for Responsible Investment)
    Fiona REYNOLDS
  • Panelist
    Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer (CFO),
    Banco do Brasil S.A. (BB)
    José Ricardo Fagonde FORNI
  • Panelist
    Chief Financial Officer,
    Enel S.p.A.
    Alberto DE PAOLI
  • Panelist
    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Chairman (Corporate Executive),
    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
    MIKE Kanetsugu

Panel Discussion 3
(About 50 minutes)​​

Transition in Emerging Countries

  • Moderator
    Japan External Trade Organization
    NOBUTANI Kazushige
  • Panelist
    Chairman of the Board,
    Juhua Group Corporation
    (and Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd.)
    ZHOU Liyang
  • Panelist
    President & Group
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
    PETROLIAM Nasional
    Berhad (PETRONAS)
    Tengku Muhammad Taufik
  • Panelist
    Founder, Chairman and
    Managing Director,
    ReNew Power Private Limited
    Sumant SINHA
  • Panelist
    Founder & CEO,
    WASSHA Inc.
    AKITA Satoshi

Video Message

Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryKAJIYAMA Hiroshi

At JBC, 54 Japanese companies with cutting-edge technologies and services, and local governments, will exhibit their technology and pride.PR booths for exhibitors will be staged at the "Japan Technology Showcase" in a virtual venue. In addition to viewing PR videos and viewing materials, avatars can be used to communicate in real time with corporate and local government representatives.

Please check out the list of exhibitors, their products and services below.

  • Energy Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Digitalization
  • Smart City/Lifestyle
  • Other


In the Auditorium of the platform, we will broadcast videos of the main program and various events and Japan Technology Showcase introduction videos in series.
The online seminars streamed during this event period will remain available on-demand (free of charge).
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