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Japan Pavilion at INNOPROM 2017, Russia’s largest industrial trade fair

Application is closed.

INNOPROM is Russia’s largest industrial trade fair and is annual held in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Japan agreed to become the Partner Country for INNOPROM 2017, and a memorandum of understanding was concluded between the two countries on July 13, 2016. JETRO shall manage the Japan Pavilion, and create opportunities for Japanese companies to engage in business discussions. We will present information on the venue so that you may present your company/organization, products and technology.

Dates Monday, July 10 – Thursday, July 13, 2017
Location “Ekaterinburg-EXPO “, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Outline INNOPROM 2017
Website: INNOPROM 2017External site: a new window will open
Outline of Japan Pavilion (tentative)
Hosted by: JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Scale: 4,000 square meters, approx. 200 booths
Major Fields: Machines, Automation, Parts, IT, Energy, Urban Development etc.
Exhibition Fee (non-taxed)
Per one Booth = 3m × 4m (12 square meters) [GENERAL FEES]
Large Company, Local representatives, Organization etc.
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Exhibit booth Standard Booth 280,000 JPY/Booth 90,000 JPY/Booth
Raw Space:
-accepted 36 square meters(2 booths) and up
150,000 JPY/Booth 50,000 JPY/Booth
Shipping Option Sea Freight(both ways)
maximum 5M3 AND 2,000kg/booth
+390,000 JPY/Booth +130,000 JPY/Booth

For more information, please see EXHIBITION GUIDELINES.

Contact for Applications/Inquiries:

〔Exhibit applications and Inquiries regarding exhibiting to:〕

c/o Takeuchi, Miyama, Ishibashi, Sasaki
Trade Fair Division, JETRO
Tel: 03-3582-5242   E-mail: faa5@jetro.go.jp

〔Inquiries for general information from domestically in Russia to:〕

c/o Shimada (Japanese) , Shakhtar (Russian)
Moscow Office, JETRO
E-mail: rsm-pj@jetro.go.jp