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Application for JETRO Zone in "FOODEX JAPAN 2017"


Rules and Regulations

Please read "Rules and Regulations ( English PDFファイル /422KB) " carefully.

Application <Deadline: July 29, 2016>

Companies wishing to participate in this program should contact their nearest JETRO office PDFファイル (266KB) at first.
JETRO will check the company profile and qualifications, and then give instructions on how to apply.
The completed application forms should be submitted to the nearest JETRO office PDFファイル(266KB)
* Notice: Application does not guarantee participation. Only companies that meet the qualifications and pass the selection by JETRO can participate in this program.

Selection of exhibitors by JETRO <August - September, 2016>

JETRO will screen applicants and select companies that can participate in the JETRO Zone.

Payment of the participation fee to JETRO <Deadline: October 7, 2016>

JETRO will issue an invoice for the participation fee to each participating company. The exhibitors should pay the designated fee to JETRO through bank transfer.

Official registration as an exhibitor <October-December,2016>

The applicants are officially registered as exhibitors of JETRO Zone when the payment is completed and confirmed by JETRO.

Preparations for the exhibition with JETRO