Village of Goto-Udon

Hand-stretched goto udon noodles are fine, elastic, and chewy, made with camellia oil that gives these noodles their characteristic smooth texture. The noodles do not easily stretch out by cooking for a long time. goto udon is well-known as one of the top three types of udon in Japan. Why not experience traditional goto udon making and taste noodles that you yourself have made?


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Category: Food, agricultural and fishery products

Region: Kyushu


©Village of Goto-Udon


428-31, Arikawagou, shinkamigotou-cho, Minamimatsuuragun, Nagasaki 857-4211 Japan

3 min. walk from Arikawa Port
12 min. by car from Tainoura Port (5km) 
14min. by car from Aokata Port (7km)
30 min. by car from Gounokubi Port (15km) 
50min. by car from Wakamatsu Port (28km)
50 min. by car from Narao Port (27km)
60min. by car from Doinoura Port (32km)
16 min. by bus (Seihi jidousha) from Tainoura (one bus per hour)
40 min. by bus from Gounokubi (ten buses per a day)
70 min. by bus from Narao Port (seven buses per a day)
Car: available (on-site), free of charge
Tour bus: available (on-site), free of charge


Admission fee Workshop-based tour
Goto udon hand-stretching experience: ¥2,500 per person for a group up to 4 people. ¥2,200 per person for a group of 5 people or more.
Working days and hours 8:30-17:00
Closings Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays
Visitor capacity 1-10
Time required for a tour 60 min. – 120 min.
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Other conditions -