Tenryou Sake Brewing

Tenryo sake proudly adheres to the traditional five essential elements of good sake: water, rice, yeast, craftsmanship, and weather. Sake is, in fact, approximately 80% water. Tenryo sake uses the pleasant-tasting soft water flowing from Japan's Northern Alps for brewing. Hidahomare, the rice used for making Tenryo sake, is grown in local fields, and all of the milling is done entirely by ourselves. Tenryo sake has received many prizes in many countries.



Tenryou Sake Brewing Co., Ltd
1289-1 Hagiwara Gero city Gifu , Japan 509-2517

JR Nagoya Sta.-JR Gero Station:1'27h. (Wide view Hida express.)


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Monday to Friday between 9am and 5PM
Closings Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, 30st Dec. to 3rd Jan.
Visitor capacity 1 to 45
Time required for a tour 30 hour
Language Japanese and English
Reservation Required
Please e-mail info@tenryou.com
Other conditions You are not allowed enter the brewery, if you eat Natto.


Tel: 81-576-52-1515
E-mail: info@tenryou.com