Takazawa Sake Brewery

Founded in 1872 in Himi, Toyama, a town nationally famous for its fishers. With annual production of only about 35,000 liters of sake, Takazawa is a small brewery, working generation after generation in the pursuit of what it means to be a local brewer, producing sake that pairs well with local dishes and seafood. Takazawa's sake is not mass-produced, but rather lovingly crafted bottle by bottle, brewed with care, with respect for the traditional techniques used when the brewery was founded a century and a half ago, while taking advantage of the best of what modern technology has to offer toward making great sake.



Takazawa Sake Brewery
18-7 Kitaoomachi, Himi City, Toyama 935-0004 Japan

By car: 5 minutes from Nouetsu Expressway Himi I.C.
5 minutes from JR Himi Station


Admission fee factory tour and tasting Sake Charge: 200 yen
Working days and hours 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Closings Non-regular holidays
Visitor capacity 20
Time required for a tour 30-40 minutes
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Advanced reservations required by telephone, fax or email.
Tel: 0766-72-0006
E-mail: akebono@pl.cnh.ne.jp
Fax: 0766-72-2680
URL: http://www1.cnh.ne.jp/akebono/
Other conditions Arrangements for interpretation must be made by the visitor.


Tel: +81-766-72-0006
Fax: +81-766-72-2680
E-mail: akebono@pl.cnh.ne.jp