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Daily Journey
In everyday life, we feel abashed, nervous, amused, and we experience frictions.
Every day is like repeating small trips to find such hazy moods.
We produce clothes that represent such uncertain and unbalanced everyday moods by overlapping with images of different eras and stories and without being constrained by the idea of masculinity and femininity.



susuri was established in 2013. The brand is by Tatsuya and Ai Saito, the designers. They two alone elaborate the brand’s direction and themes and embody them in their products. They freely draw comfortable shapes that transcend gender barriers - neither masculine, nor feminine, nor gender-neutral.

Clothes - supple, flowing, like moving through water, and timeless

After the 2011 earthquake, Tatsuya and Ai decided to start exploring their creativity and established the brand in 2013. Having a concept that they propose new values, they are particular about expressing an idea that contradictory elements exist in a world. They produce clothes which have a strong presence, freely going back and forth the boundaries between masculinity and femininity, and standard and spontaneous. Susuri means "flowing smoothly" in Esperanto. They always try to make a difference in their clothing by changing front and back designs and size balances. susuri’s clothes are just like flowing water that never stays in one place and never gets tired. Fashion trends are constantly changing, whereas they continue to be flexible and make their own way.

In uncertain and unbalanced fluctuations

Attaching importance to comfortableness, they choose the best materials mainly from natural ones. In the thorough manufacturing process, they dye fabric and sew clothes while sharing the awareness of local producers who provide them with materials. Their clothes have elements that contradict each other, such as “delicacy and simplicity, and elegance and innocence.” Tatsuya hopes that customers will encounter a new sense of value through their clothes. They produce 40 clothing forms in one season and release collections with some storylines twice a year.




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