Japanese Wild Silk Moth Center

At the Azumino City Japanese Wild Silk Moth Center, we introduce a comprehensive history of the breeding and ecology of Japanese wild silk moths through DVD footage and looms, tools and materials in use, which have been passed down through the generations. Silk thread reeled from the cocoons of Japanese wild silk moths is light green in color with a special gloss and smooth texture and is called the "diamond of textiles." We sell handwoven silk shawls and small goods such as purses.



Japanese Wild Silk Moth Center
3618-24, Ariake, Hotaka, Azumino-shi, 399-8301, Nagano, Japan

About 20 minutes by car from the Azumino Exit of the Nagano Expressway


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Opening hours
April-October: 9:00-17:00
November - March: 9:00-15:00
Closings Monday, the day after public holidays, the end and the beginning of the year
Visitor capacity Around 20 people
Time required for a tour Around 40 minutes
Language Japanese
Reservation No Required
by e-mail tensan@tensan.jp
Other conditions The Japanese silk moth is a wild silk moth unique to Japan that hatches once a year. Those silkworms fed with mulberry leaves and kept inside are called "house silkworms" and those grown outside are called "wild silkworms."


Tel: 81-263-83-3835
E-mail: tensan@tensan.jp