Service industry and retail


At A-FACTORY you can enjoy apple cider made from Aomori apples and tons of local fresh groceries at Food Marce. You can also taste and enjoy delicious dishes ...

Location: Aomori-City, Aomori
Language: Japanese

Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center

The Aspam building is a tourism products center in the shape of a triangle, has 15 floors, and is 76 meters in height. From the 360 degree observation deck, ...

Location: Aomori-City, Aomori
Language: Japanese

A store specializing in the salt "Ma-suya" (Kokusai Street Store/Heiwa Street Store/Ishigaki Store/Miyako Store/Matsuo Store/Yukisio Kokusai Street Store)

Many kinds of salts from around the world are assorted in the store. We are one of the largest stores specializing in salt in Japan. You can receive advice from...

Location: Naha-City, Ishigaki-City, Miyakojima-City, Okinawa
Language: Japanese only (possible in Chinese at Kokusai Street Store, Heiwa Street Store and Matsuo Store)

Chohachi Kaiun Co., Ltd. (Night View of the Factory Zone of Kawasaki)

A tour to enjoy the night view of the factory zone from the sea, boarding a pleasure boat from Shiohama, Kawasaki-ku, and traveling Shiohama Canal, ...

Location: Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese / English (Brochure/video) / Chinese (Brochure) / Korean (Brochure)

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM (official name: Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum)

Originating in Japan, instant noodles have now become a “global diet.” At this interactive museum, you get to learn their history. ...

Location: Yokohama-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese
English (Signage/brochure/video/audio guide)
Chinese (Signage/brochure/video/audio guide)
Korean (Signage/brochure/video/audio guide)

CYBELE Co., Ltd.

Established in Yamagata City in 1966 as a shop specializing in Western-style desserts. ...

Location: Yamagata-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese, English(Video/images), Korean(Video/images)

Gala Aoiumi

Tour of salt factory, restaurant, shop operation. Pottery, glass blowing experience workshop. Great view of the sea.

Location: Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Language: Japanese only

Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments

Opened in April 1995, ours is the first municipally run museum for musical instruments in Japan. There are approximately 1,300 items displayed by region of origin. ...

Location: Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka
Language: Japanese, English (Signage/brochure)

Hato Bus (Night View of the Factory Zone of Kawasaki)

Leave Tokyo to enjoy dinner at “Kawasaki Korea Town," a town famous for beef barbecue, and then see the night view from secret night spots ...

Location: Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese / English (Brochure/video) / Chinese (Brochure) / Korean (Brochure)

Johana Hikiyama Museum

Come see 300 years of history of the Johana Hikiyama Festival (a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset) and its various beautiful proce... ...

Location: Nanto-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese

Koyo-an Soba Making Workshop

Furusawa Shuzou, a sake brewery founded in 1836, opened its facility Koyo-an, a soba noodle-making workshop, in 2003. ...

Location: Sagae-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) provides various types of support to visitors to Okinawa Prefecture as a parent organization for promoting tourism, ...

Location: Naha-City, Okinawa
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Saga Balloon Museum

Saga International Balloon Fiesta is one of Asia’s largest hot-air balloon competitions, which is held in autumn in Saga Prefecture and features over 100 balloons from all over the world. ...

Location: Saga-city, Saga
Language: Japanese, English (Signage/brochure)

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

The SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, is a railway museum introducing the "advances in high-speed railway" with displays of 39 rolling stock, including the ...

Location: Nagoya-City, Aichi
Language: Audio Guide: In 8 Languages(Japanese, English, Chiniese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese)(Rental Fee: 500Yen)

Shinshu Suwa Garasu no Sato

A complex with one of the country's biggest glass shops, an art museum exhibiting works of well-known glass artists, workshop areas where you can experience ...

Location: Suwa-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese only

The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation

Aiming to develop the next generation of human resource, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry established the museum. Since the early days, Osaka has been called “the city of merchants”. ...

Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

Toko Sake Museum

The Toko Sake Museum is one of the largest sake museums in the Tohoku region, and is run by Kojima Sohonten Co., Ltd. ...

Location: Yonezawa-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese, English(Signage/brochure/video/images), Chinese (traditional characters)(Signage)

Tonami Sankyo Village Museum

Located in the Tonami Plains, Sankyo Village is among Japan's best known rice-growing villages, dotted with rice fields and surrounded with trees. This museum w... ...

Location: Tonami-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese
English, Korean (pamphlet only)

Yumiko Igarashi Museum

The Yumiko Igarashi Museum contains a collection of the famous artist’s works over her career. Visitors can experience the excitement and fantastic dreams...

Location: Kurashiki-city, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English: Brochure, Korean: Brochure, Chinese: Brochure