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Sasaki Kogei ササキ工芸 Japan Style – Introduction of industries for buyers –


Animal motifs with expressive features are popular in Asian variety stores. With small items, elaborate details are eye-catching.

Door Melody Fukuro (Owl)

The Chinese characters used for the name “Fukuro” literally mean “bring luck”. Seven types of wood are used and its features are created using only the wood’s original colors. Gentle, distinctive sound of wood can be heard every time a door is opened or closed.

Card Case MOTTO

A business card holder with the warm features of wood. A lot of thought was given to the fine details: the hinges are inside a groove so that they don’t damage the inside lining of pockets. The tools used to make this card case were custom-ordered.


Furniture craftsmen use wood scraps to create small interior goods that convey warmth. Their creation is only made possible in Asahikawa, where a variety of tree species are available.

Their ability to create detailed parts with an ecological mindset boosted production of variety goods

Sasaki Kogei was founded in 1976. It all began with the previous president’s establishment of a studio, where parts such as handles, knobs, and legs were made when Asahikawa was flourishing with the production of cabinets as marriage furniture (it used to be a custom for the parents of the bride to give cabinets as wedding gifts in Japan). They used to receive timber from furniture makers and made parts out of them. The materials were high quality as they were for luxury cabinets. The previous president, who felt that it was “a waste to throw away wood scraps”, began creating variety goods with them, and they gradually became their main products.

Naturally beautiful, without any added colors. A wealth of tree species in Asahikawa enables creation of such items.

Currently, the number of original items alone amounts to approximately 200 kinds. CEO Yujiro Sasaki says that “the availability of varieties unique to the town of furniture production is what makes it possible” to combine wood of different colors and create a wide range of goods with expressive features, without the need to add color. The latest NC router processing machine and laser engraving techniques have been introduced to meet the demand for mass production. They are also recycling conscious and have a system that automatically gathers woodchips, burns them, and uses the generated heat for heating. Their ecological mindset triggered by the use of wood scraps is utilized in products as well as their production processes.


Asahikawa, located in the center of Hokkaido, is the second largest city in Hokkaido after Sapporo. Furniture production sites spread across the basin, including adjoining towns Higashikawa-cho and Higashikagura-cho.



  • Visitation Hours : Mon to Fri, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    *Closed during year-end and new years holidays, Golden Week (from late April to early May), and summer holidays (mid-August). Please ask for available dates.
  • Number of Visitors Allowed : Up to 3 or 4 people
  • Time Required for Observation : 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • How to Apply : Apply for the desired date and time of visit by emailing the CEO (
  • Other : The shop/showroom in Asahikawa (5 minutes by car from the headquarters) is also available for visits. A directly managed store, “nocra”, is located in Ueno area of Tokyo (


  • Mt. Taisetsu

    The area centered around the Taisetsu volcanic group, including Mt. Asahi (2291m), the highest mountain in Hokkaido, is called “The Roof of Hokkaido” and is popular among mountain climbers. “Shujitsu no Oka Hill”, located southeast of Asahikawa Airport, is a famous viewing spot.

  • Biei no Oka Hill

    A hilly area that spreads across both sides of the JR Furano Line. In summer, one can enjoy the view of various flowers such as potato blossoms, covering the hill like patchwork. The best time to view this scenery is the end of June, when the “Asahikawa Design Week” is held.

  • Asahiyama Zoo

    A zoo known to display animals in ways that bring out their natural behavior. There is a tubular water tank in which seals swim up and down. Animal feeding “Mogu Mogu Time” and penguin walks in winter are popular.


Exports to
Hong Kong (for retail stores) and Taiwan (for retail stores and events at department stores)
Japanese, English
Company Name
Sasaki Kogei Co., Ltd.
3-chome 4-10 Nagayama 14-jo, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido (Factory Headquarters)
Tel 0166-25-2288 Fax 0166-22-2101
10,000,000 yen
Number of Employees
CEO Yujiro Sasaki
Business Description
Production and sale of wood crafts
Stationery, tableware, interior goods, clocks, cases, toys, etc.


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