NEXCO Central Communication Plaza Fuji

Communication Plaza Fuji is a facility in which you can familiarize yourself with Japan's new main transportation artery, “Shin-tomei Expressway," a next-generation “world-leading expressway system". We introduce the construction procedure of the expressway through images and a diorama, and new cutting-edge technologies and construction methods adopted in the construction of bridges and tunnels by panels and models.


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1738-4, Atsuhara, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka 419-0201

From Shin-tomei Expressway: Exit at Shin-fuji IC Exit, go toward Gotemba and Susono, turn left at the first signalized intersection, pass through two traffic signals, and then turn left following the green sign.
From Tomei Expressway and West Fuji Road: Exit at Hiromi IC Exit on West Fuji Road, go toward Obuchi, turn left at the Gakuyo Junior High School East signalized intersection toward Prefectural Road 72, go straight about 5 minutes, turn left at the General Sports Park signalized intersection, turn right at the second signal, pass through two signals, and then turn left following the green sign.

Parking (passenger car): Available (within the facility)
Parking fee (passenger car): Free
Parking (tour bus): Available (large, medium) (within the facility)
Parking fee (tour bus): Free


Admission fee free
Working days and hours 10:00-17:00
Closings The year-end and New Year holidays (facility may close during times of maintenance)
Visitor capacity Please consult with us for groups of 40 or more.
Time required for a tour 45 min (Please consult with us for a shorter tour time)
Language Japanese / English (Brochure/video)
Reservation Required    

For individual guests:
As there may be times in which we cannot accommodate a tour for you, such as when the facility closes for maintenance or when a tour group has reserved the facility, we highly recommend that you confirm availability beforehand.
Reservations are required for participation in events.

For group guest:
Reservations are required for tours (including for groups from overseas).
Other conditions - Tours may not be available during maintenance of the facility.
- Taking photographs is basically permitted, but recording theater images is not permitted due to copyrights.
- We offer a guided tour.
- There are barrier-free bathrooms.
- Food and drinks are not allowed.
- We offer a guide only in Japanese. Please arrange an interpreter as needed. We only accept inquiries in Japanese. We provide leaflets in English.
- Please contact us for other conditions.

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