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Nerdy is Cool
Nerd is slang for ‘a tacky person.’ The muses of THE NERDYS’ brand are uncool people who dedicate themselves to music with no fashion sense. They look as though they just put on something that was there when they left their homes and nonchalantly hop on the stage. Dopeness in ugliness. That’s what attracts us. We wanted to prepare stage costumes for those guys and that’s where THE NERDY garments come from. The key is preferences. That’s what NERD is. So, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the world of THE NERDYS.



The designer, NERKLE started the brand from the 2013 spring summer collection. “Nerd is slang for ‘uncool.’ THE NERDYS pursues the ‘inner exuding coolness’ worn by people who live their lives search ‘something’ from the fashion point of view. The brand began to attend overseas exhibitions a few years ago and expanded its business to Paris, USA, China, and Korea.

Clothes that let out the individuality of the owner

THE NERDYS designer originally launched a fashion brand, EFILEVOL in 2006. He decided to retire from the brand upon his 10th anniversary with the brand. He created THE NERDYS as a brand to produce clothes for people, who, like him, are not so young anymore. Having the experience of enjoying fashion that celebrates decoration, at THE NERDYS he aims for fashion that sheds light on individuality while exploiting fashion sense.

He adopted the musician style expression as a motif that shows coolness in the lifestyle and appearance. The designer himself is a music devotee and he even produces the MV for the brand project.

A unique approach from a broad perspective

After six years from its debut, the brand keeps on producing genuine chic with the perfect balance of authentic elements and playfulness. Enjoying the good relations with the business partners abroad, the brand has continuous business in each country.

One of the brand’s charms is its unique approach, like the collaboration with the national brands, developing things that give you a little chuckle, or putting surprising items into street clothes. You can feel the remarkable combination created by the designer NERKLE in the specialty store BIN in Nakameguro thanks to great direction and refined selection of suppliers.


Company Shop :
Five minutes’ walk from Nakameguro Station. It’s located in the popular area where the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, which has the roasting facility in the shop, opened in Japan. It’s an area that offers a relaxed atmosphere where popular shops and local lifestyles coexist. The cherry blossoms of the Meguro River make it one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.



  • Visitation Hours : Reservation required
    * Closed on Year-end / New Year’s holidays, Golden Week (from end of April to beginning of May), Summer Holidays (mid August)
  • Number of Visitors Allowed : Maximum approximately 10
  • How to apply : State the date you would like to visit via E-mail.


Exports to
Canada, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, China and Asian Region
Japanese and English
Company Name
Katachi Ex
1-9-6 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042 JAPAN
Tel +81(0)3-6416-0972
2013 Spring & Summer


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