Nagaokameichiku Co., Ltd.

Thoughts of the founder, episodes at the time of founding
The company started 75 years ago when the previous president started a bamboo wholesale business in Kyoto. The "Nishiyama-gaki" fence, invented by the previous president, has since spread all over Japan and is still being made in various places more than 50 years later.
Customer satisfaction is our company’s top priority.
We have been making products with the same spirit since our foundation.
Feelings of the author, commitment, relationship with production area, etc.
Bamboo has been used as a daily necessity in Japanese life since ancient times. But as the lifestyle changes, the opportunities to use bamboo are decreasing. However, we are aware of the beauty and flexibility of bamboo and its functionality. We made this diffuser to take advantage of the good qualities of the bamboo and hope that it will be used in modern life. There are bamboos all over Japan, but in Kyoto, the quality of water and soil is good and the quality of bamboo is said to be especially good. Each product is made from bamboo grown in Kyoto, and is individually handcrafted by craftsmen.
Uniquness of the product
This is an aroma diffuser made with a bamboo basket and bamboo skin from Kyoto. Putting some drops of oil in it before you sleep and you will get your mind relaxed to have a better sleep. The outside of the diffuser is a small bamboo basket called "Shikai Nami" which means waves of four oceans. It is hand made by bamboo craftsmen. And the bamboo skin in the basket is the most important thing of the product. The bamboo fiber has a great wettability and is a perfect match for aroma diffusers. Together with traditional techniques, the natural and eco aroma diffuser was born in Kyoto.


19 Kaidou, Enmyoji, Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto


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