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Thoughts of the founder, episodes at the time of founding:
I was always looking for what I could do to create a product that made use of the technology and knowledge I had cultivated in the production of newspaper rotary presses and hydraulic components.
One day, a motorcycle mechanic asked me to rebuild the axle shafts, so I started research and development on axle shaft products and got a patent in Japan.
At first, it was a suspicious evaluation, such as "riding taste" and "improving operability" of a motorcycle, just by replacing the genuine product already installed.
But, customers using the product have advertised true reputation.And that evaluation was overturned.
As a result, it has become the No.1 share in the axle shaft market in the motorcycle custom parts market in Japan.
Feelings of the author, commitment, relationship with production area, etc.:
Previously, the company only engaged in metal processing subcontracting as the first subcontractor of a company listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Depending on the business situation of the parent company, my business plan alone did not go as expected. So, while searching for “building our own brand,” we focused on motorcycle axle shafts.
By simply replacing the axle shaft with a genuine product from the crystal of production technology cultivated at our company in 2013, We have developed a product that improves the lightness of turning back, makes it easier to handle, and produces better fuel economy.Since 2016, he has participated in the Isle of man tourist trophy Race with an electric motorcycle and updates the course record every year.
Uniquness of the product:
Axle shaft for changing the operability of the motorcycle. The feeling of stability when entering a corner is different.
Lightness to cut the wheel is different.
Lightness of handling is different.
Good fuel efficiency is different.
This is all the effect of ZERO POINT SHAFT.
Aiming for ultimate low resistance and thorough pursuit of accuracy.
By optimizing strength and rigidity,
We derive the performance of the motorcycle body.
Surely can experience high-performance parts,

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