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Based on the historical elements of the clothes that still remain worldwide, MITTAN proposes modern folk costumes.

Fabrics are selected from the regions in Asia such as India, Laos and China, as well as different areas in Japan.
By applying the handwork of vegetable dyeing method here and there, the design will let you touch the history the clothing has experienced.

Mainly cotton yarn is applied for the sewing and organic materials are used for the attachment. All products are sewed by domestic craftsmen in Japan. The company will take responsibility for the repair for a long term in order to create clothes that are not merely defined by efficiency and convenience.



Takeshi Mitani is the brand designer. He sets his base in Kyoto City. Based on the historical elements of the clothes that still remain worldwide, he creates his products with the theme of modern folk costumes. Since the brand’s establishment, he has been committed to the repair and process of his own products for a long time. MITTAN’s concept can be embodied by the garment’s design which proves it can be worn even after the fabrics are worn out. He did not carelessly choose to expand his lineups. He deepened the brand’s ideology and worked with business partners who understood his concept and devoted himself to steady work.

Pursue stylistic beauty with identity

Attracted to the charm of the design world, he studied the craftsmanship in the fashion industry, but at the same time he became suspicious about the conventional fashion cycle that prioritizes economic efficiency and the Western style fashion design world.

Originally, its own identity must exist inside the stylistic beauty, hence he could see it in the worldwide designers he loved. It was only natural that he came up with the current concept.

Select organic materials based on functions

In clothes making, the company selects cool materials for the summer and warm materials for winter. Keeping in mind that clothes are to wrap people in seasonal transition and select appropriate materials and process. Currently, with the collaborations with the production areas such as Hanshu, Bishu and Hamamatsu, the company creates products utilizing the characteristics of cotton, hemp, silk and wool.

Being conscious about features naturally leads to selection of organic materials. Mitani said that he would be pleased if the consumers will use his products in their daily lives and imagine the background of craftsmanship, including the materials.


Located in the relaxed Kitaoji area close to the Kyoto Botanical Garden in Kyoto City. Kamogawa runs nearby.


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