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More than just a garment, clothes are a tool. Ancillary to daily activity, the purpose of design is to enhance the functionality of these tools. As these tools transform and adapt with wear, they in turn personalize each individual's style. It is this style that is the essence of fashion.



Established in 2014. The designer is Naohiro Fujisaki. Approaching fashion from the perspective of manufacture and applying the concept, “a tool closest to the body,” Fujisaki pays attention not only to the design but also to fine details such as the pattern and stitching, to manufacture a domestic line of clothes with functionality. He is the winner of the 2016 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix.

To continue expanding the potential of clothing as a tool

Fujisaki has doubts about the trend-based fashion industry system that establishes seasons and changes in synch with them. Regarding the two aspects of clothes as “costumes” and “tools,” he wants to reconsider clothes as “objects” and explore their new potential. Since the brand was established in 2014, the global media’s response has been very positive, and the brand name has been spreading steadily in Italy, the U.K., Hong Kong, Korea, and other countries, including Japan. Currently in Paris, the annual collection is announced in accordance with the men’s fashion week.

From clothes for dressing up to clothes for drawing out character

As the meaning of fashion keeps changing, Fujisaki says he wants to regenerate his awareness of clothes in that context of change. Based on the principle that design brings 100% functionality, cries are raised for diversity and powerful personalities. In such times, a tool that draws out an active and proactive character is a challenge to the essentialization of values through clothes designing.


While Komazawa University and Komazawa Olympic Park comprise a quiet residential area, local cafes and multi-brand shops are increasing in recent years. This Komazawa area has its own cultural enclave, different from that of Shibuya and Harajuku.



  • Visitation Hours : Reservation required
    * Closed: New Year’s, Golden Week (late April to early May), mid-August
  • Number of Visitors Allowed : Maximum approximately 10
  • How to apply : Please apply by email indicating your choice of date and time.


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Canada, US, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, China
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meanwhile inc.
4-20-3 Komazawa, Setagaya city, Tokyo, 154-0012, Japan
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