Komatsu Electric Industry keeps to act based on our mission, " We should make the global society where people can live continuously and happily.",through our two main business units: the sheet shutter "happy gate monban system" and the total water administration system "YAKUMO SUISHIN Network".
We won "the Medium and Small Business Research Center Prize" and "the Highest Prize of New Business Grand-Prix" by developing the sheet shutter MONBAN which contributes to preventing global warming and creating a new market.
In 2012, happy gate monban system won "the Japanese Grand-prix Prize for an excellent work". YAKUMO SUISHIN won "the Selection as Remarkable Invention" of the Science and Technology Agency of the Japanese Government.
We set up a non profit institute, Human Nature and Science Research Institute(HNS). HNS tries to create the model of permanent peace of obtaining reliance and respect from the world and continuing to be satisfied with dignified desire as human, through environment and health business.

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b) 2 hour course. 1hour tour(a) + technical discussion with staff.
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Other conditions Thank you for your interest to Komatsu Electric industry. We are happy to communicate with all visitors. Please feel free to ask any questions and try our award winning products at our exhibition hall. You also can enjoy the view of lake Shinji from our office.


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