"Casting is a method to make metal products by pouring a liquid material into a mold. We have established a fancy-goods brand ""Koa Cute"" that makes and sells colorful casting products for many people to enjoy, making the best use of its characteristics such as taste and timbre of casting.”


4-4-18 Shimoiida Kofu-City Yamanashi Japan

1 minute drive to Ikeda Dori from Maedabashi Minami Intersection on Art Museum Dori (Route 52)


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Basically anytime
Closings Saturdays and Sundays
Visitor capacity 5
Time required for a tour 60 minutes
Language Japanese
English(signage/brochure/video/images/accompanying guide)
Reservation Required
Other conditions Our Koa Kyu is a manufacturing company located in a Koana Foundry, so factory tours will be handled at the Koana Foundry.


Tel: +81-90-4060-0313