Imabari Textile Resource Center

"We aspire to become the production center of towels in Japan and to continue creating high-quality products that are comfortable and gentle on people's bodies and to the environment.
The premises have a parking lot and include facilities such as "Imabari Towel Flagship Store," which deals approximately 25,000 items of high-quality towels and has the largest store space in Japan, "Imabari Towel History Museum," where visitors can learn the history of Imabari textile dating back to Heian era, and "Imabari Towel Studio," where visitors can take a tour of the Imabari Towel plant. These facilities are often introduced in the TV programs."

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Category: Fashion and textiles

Region: Shikoku



Imabari Textile Resource Center Co., Ltd
5-14-3 Higashimon-cho, Imabari city, Ehime 794-0033 Japan

Towered 700 meters from Imabari Castle.
10 minutes by taxi from JR Imabari Station.
5 minetes by taxi from Imabari Port.
7 minutes by walk from Setouchi bus terminal.
70 minutes by car from Matsuyama Airport.


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Everyday AM9:00-PM6:00
Closings 30th Dec. to 3rd Jan.
Visitor capacity 10 people per group
Time required for a tour 5 to 10 minutes
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Fax to +81898-23-8702


Tel: +81898-23-8700