Huis Ten Bosch

1. Nagasaki Next-Generation Energy Park Tour
"Nagasaki Next-Generation Energy Park" opened in March 2009 in Huis Ten Bosch, which is regarded as the core facility of "The Nagasaki Next-Generation Energy Park plan" authorized in October 2007 by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
The park aims to greatly increase public understanding of the next-generation energy in the global environment. This is achieved by increasing opportunities for the general public to gain first-hand experience with new energy sources such as solar energy.
This tour includes "Solar Photovoltaic System", "Nagasaki Next-Generation Energy Park theme pavilion", in addition to the three environmental facilities which are introduced in the tour 2..

2. Environmental Facilities Study Tour
You can see "drainage reuse system" at a sewage disposal plant which reuse water resources without waste, and "cogeneration system" which can recover the heat source from the exhaust heat produced by the generator.

* For visitors from abroad, both 1.and 2. tours will be made on the condition that they are accompanied by an interpreter of their own.

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Time required for a tour 1. approx. 120 min.
2. approx. 60 min.
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After the appointment, 100% of the fee.
*Limited to the visitors to Huis Ten Bosch.
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