Fukano Distillery

Since our company's founding in 1823, we have produced mainly rice shochu, but also other products such as vegetable shochu and coffee liqueur with no sugar added, which are unique to our company. Although it is a small distillery, we take advantage of this fact by producing many private brands which we can take orders for from small amounts.



Fukano Distillery
333 Gounohara, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, Japan

7 minutes from JR Hitoyosi Station (Approximately Yen 1,000) 5 minutes by car from Hitoyoshi IC on Kyushu Expressway


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Open year-round
Closings January 1-3 only
Visitor capacity 1 to 90
Time required for a tour 30 minutes
Language Japanese only
Reservation Required
Please e-mail us at info@fukano.co.jp
Other conditions We do not offer tastings for people under the age of 20 nor drivers.


Tel: 0966-22-2900
E-mail: info@fukano.co.jp