Fujijin Soy Sauce Manufacturing Plant

- This soy sauce manufacturing plant was jointly completed in 1984 by 38 soy sauce manufacturers producers from the prefecture, with Fujijin playing a central role.
- Founded on yeast singled out from research and traditional techniques that have been passed down over many years of manufacturing production history, Fujijin creates safe products through the adoption of cutting-edge facilities and management.
- With the aim of securely implementing product management and utilizing air mixing devices for large, patented fermentation tanks, the plant is equipped with a variety of devices, including a multi-tier automatic warehouse that was introduced ahead of other companies in the soy sauce industry. The plant is also capable of carrying out a process that starts with unrefined soy sauce and ends in a finished product without pumps by utilizing locations with different elevation.



Fujijin Co., Ltd.
160 Oaza Ono, Usuki-shi, Oita Prefecture


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 9:00 am to- 12:00 pm 13:00 pm to- 15:00 pm
Closings Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays
Visitor capacity 10 to 40
Time required for a tour 60 min.
1) Explanation of facility
2) Guided tour, time to buy souvenirs (soy sauce, etc.)
Language Japanese only
Reservation Telephone: 0972-63-3111
Other conditions Reservations are required 2 two weeks prior to desired date of tour,
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 315:00 p.m.


Tel: 0972-63-3111