Food, agricultural and fishery products


Located towards the northern end of Japan's main island of Honshu is the mountainous prefecture of Akita, with its cold winters and heavy snowfall. The fresh ...

Location: Daisen-City, Akita
Language: Japanese, English

Amabuki Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Made from rice, rice mold and water from Japan’s natural environment, sake is known as one of the most exquisite alcoholic beverages in the world. ...

Location: Miyaki-gun, Saga
Language: Japanese, English (Signage)


Iwate Prefecture is well known as the birthplace of original Nanbu toji. Since the mid-1800s, we have carefully brewed sake in a town blessed with pure water, rice, and...

Location: Morioka-City, Iwate
Language: Japanese only


We brew sake-dassai in Yamaguchi. Sake-dassai is created using a careful combination of tradition and cutting edge technology.Our brewery is a medley of ...

Location: Iwakuni-City, Yamaguchi
Language: English, French, Chinese, Japanese

chitosetsuru SAKE museum

"Chitosetsuru" was established in1872. It is the only "sakagura(sake brewery)" in Sapporo. They make sake using their traditional style. ...

Location: Sapporo-City, Hokkaido
Language: Japanese only

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Founded in 1865, we are the sole sake brewery in Sakaiminato City. Our products are all made of local (Tottori)-grown rice and other ingredients. We conduct bus...

Location: Sakaiminato-City, Tottori
Language: Japanese, Korean (signs, pamphlet)


Chugoku Jozo makes an effort to create and supply unique and good sake, and make the food culture wealthy.

Location: Hatsukaichi-City, Hiroshima
Language: Japanese only

Daisekkei Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1898, Daisekkei, meaning “Big Snow Valley”, is located at the foot of the Northern Alps of Japan. ...

Location: Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano
Language: Japanese


Denbeegura was founded as a hand-made shochu distillery in the first year of the Meiji Period (1868). ...

Location: Ichikikushikino-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese

Fujii Shuzo

Sake tasting is available in the Edo period wing. A related product and accessories are on sale.

Location: Takehara-City, Hiroshima
Language: Japanese only

Fukano Distillery

Since our company's founding in 1823, we have produced mainly rice shochu, but also other products such as vegetable shochu and coffee liqueur with no sugar ...

Location: Hitoyoshi-City, Kumamoto
Language: Japanese only

Furusawa Shuzou Co., Ltd. (Furusawa Shuzou SAKE Museum)

Our company was founded in 1836 in Sagae City located in the Yamagata Valley, between Mt. Gassan to the west and Mt. Zao to the east, ...

Location: Sagae-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese, English (Brochure), Chinese (Brochure), Korean (Brochure)


The Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum introduces you to the fascinating history of sake brewing with its nostalgic buildings, tasting experience, and valuable ...

Location: Kyoto-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese only. The instructinos of exhibits are shown in English, Chinese and Korea. The website is shown in English. Chinese and Korean websites are under construction so these are opened soon.


"Iki" is the birthplace of mugi shochu, the authentic distilled spirits made from barley. Since the establishment of Genkai Shuzo in 1900(Meiji 33), ...

Location: Iki-City, Nagasaki
Language: Japanese only (Brochures in English and Chinese language versions are available.)

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

[1st Floor]
Various sake production implements are on display, including a huge vat made of Japanese cedar once used for fermentation and oth...

Location: Kobe-City, Hyogo
Language: Japanese

Hananomai Brewing Co., Ltd.

Hananomai Brewing Co., established in 1864, is the quintessential Shizuoka brand and has enjoyed immense popularity in the area for 150 years. ...

Location: Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka
Language: Japanese, English (Video/images/accompanying guide)

Hamada Syuzou Denzouingura

Located in the city of Ichikikushikino, which faces the East China Sea, Hamada Syuzou Denzouingura is a company which continues to evolve in order to seek out new potential for honkaku (authentic) shochu. ...

Location: Ichikikushikino-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese

Honke Matsuura Brewery

Founded in 1804 (the first year of the Bunka period in the Edo era), we are the longest-established sake brewery still in business in Tokushima Prefecture. You ...

Location: Naruto-City, Tokushima
Language: Japanese, English


Ichinokura established in 1973 combined with 4 sake breweries in Miyagi.
Our basic point is to continue to honestly make good quality products with care ...

Location: Osaki-City, Miyagi
Language: Japanese or English at a tour. The video for introduction of Sake brewing in English is available.

Iichiko Hita Distillery

As a sake producer that develops raw sake, Iichiko Hita Distillery is devoted to every advanced technique for producing shochu, including utilizing raw sake mad...

Location: Hita-City, Oita
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)

Imayo-Tsukasa Sake Brewery

"Since 1767. We are SAKE brewery that still uses the traditional way of brewing SAKE. We strictly only use the basic ingredients to brew SAKE without any ...

Location: Niigata-City, Niigata
Language: Japanese, English

Inaba Shuzo

Since its founding in 1867, our company has been brewing from fine rice and carefully selected spring water from Tsukuba. ...

Location: Tsukuba-City, Ibaraki
Language: Japanese, English (Brochure/video/images/accompanying guide)

Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery started business in 1863. Later, in 1881, we built new brewing facilities here in Kumagawa, Fussa City, Tokyo. Since then, we have been in ...

Location: Fussa-City, Tokyo
Language: English and Japanese


The three basic elements of sake brewing are considered to be water, rice and brewing techniques. We use an abundant amount of subsoil water that gushes out in ...

Location: Yokkaichi-City, Mie
Language: Japanese only

Ito Sake Brewery

Ito Sake Brewery has been making sake with the blessings of nature: local water, including from hot springs, and rice. The sake we make is unique to Suwa becaus...

Location: Suwa-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese/English


Founded during Kaei year 3 in the Edo Period (1850).
Since that time
At Kaeigura, which has continued to brew Japanese sake for over 160 years, you ca...

Location: Aizu Wakamatsu-City, Fukushima
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)

Kanei Brewery

Kanei Brewery is located at the foot of the Tanzawa Mountains and brewing sake in old-fashioned manner. Established in 1868, we value progressive spirit as wel... ...

Location: Hadano-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)


Our sake retains a traditional hand-crafted taste. The key to its quality is producing only a small amount to maintain meticulous management and fermenting in ...

Location: Yamaguchi-City, Yamaguchi
Language: Japanese only

Kiuchi Brewery

We started brewing Hitachino Nest Beer in 1996 with a hint of the traditional sake brewing knowhow which has been passed down by the Kiuchi Family for 190 years...

Location: Naka-City, Ibaraki
Language: Japanese and English

Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries

We are trying to give visitors an authentic feel of the tradition of sake brewing that has been handed down through the ages and through that e broadly and deep...

Location: Kobe-City, Hyogo
Language: Japanese, English

Koganei Brewery

Established in the 1st year of Bunsei Era (1818), Koganei Brewery is the only Sake brewery in Atsugi city. Refined Sake "Sakarimasu" is made from care... ...

Location: Atsugi-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese


Shochu company, established in 1883.

Location: Hioki-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese, English

Maihime Shuzo

We stick to tradition in making our sake. Following the lead of our nationally famous brewmaster here in Suwa, each and every worker takes great care in brewing...

Location: Suwa-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

Marumoto Sake Brewery

Although it is common practice for wine producers to grow their own grapes, it is not so common for sake brewers to grow their own rice -- sake's main ...

Location: Asakuchi-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese only

Masuda Shuzo

Manufacturing sake under the name of Masuizumi.
Located in the Iwase area of Toyama City, between the Sea of Japan and the peaks of Mount Tateyama. This co... ...

Location: Toyama-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)


MIYAKE HONTEN "SEMPUKU" SAKE BREWERY Co., Ltd. was founded in Hiroshima in 1856. Our brand name "SEMPUKU" was named from the names of ...

Location: Kure-City, Hiroshima
Language: Japanese, English

Munemasa Shuzo

The company was established in 1985 in Arita as Nishi Arita Shuzo Co. first and started producing Shochu and Japanese sake in 1990. Here you can see the ...

Location: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Language: Japanese only


Starting with a soy sauce brewing business, we have produced so many products such as Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits), Japanese sake, Mirin (Japanese ...

Location: Kainan-City, Wakayama
Language: Japanese only

National Research Institute of Brewing

The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB) conducts fundamental and applied research on the brewing and alcoholic beverages for the purpose of ...

Location: Higashi-hiroshima-City, Hiroshima
Language: Japanese and English

Nishino Kinryo

The brewers tell you how to brew sake. In addition, you can see our entire plants, including the state of the shipment of "Yahata-no yu", which is ...

Location: Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
Language: Japanese only


Introduce how to make sake by video, sake tasting tour.

Location: : Sado-City, Niigata
Language: : English-speaking sttaff available

Otokoyama Sake Museum

The Otokoyama Sake Museum tells about not only the 340-year history of Otokoyama, but also about the history of one of Japan’s traditional industries: sake ma...

Location: Asahikawa-City, Hokkaido
Language: Japanese,English
Chinese, Korean, Thai (guidance board, pamphlet)

Ozawa Shuzo

Since its founding in the 15th year of Genroku (1702), Sawanoi (Ozawa Shuzo's brand) has been a popular sake locally produced in Oku-tama, or the western part o... ...

Location: Ome-City, Tokyo
Language: Japanese
English (guidance board, pamphlet)

Reijin Shuzo

Reijin started business more than 200 years ago, in 1789. This was also the year when the French Revolution broke out in Europe, while a new constitution was es...

Location: Suwa-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

Satsuma Kinzangura

Kinzangura sits in a mountain setting, a short drive away from downtown Ichikikushikino City. ...

Location: Ichikikushikino-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese

Satsuma Muso

Company Name: Satsuma Muso Co., Ltd.
Address:1-1-17 Nanatsujima Kagoshima city
Established in 1966
Corporation Reorganization: 1970 Octobor ...

Location: Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese and English

Shimizu Brewery

Established in 1751, we are the oldest sake brewery in Kanagawa and the present brewery owner is the 9th generation. Our products are nurtured in the country wi... ...

Location: Sagamihara-City, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese

Shiragiku shuzo

"Taiten Shiragiku" brand sake was founded in 1886. This brand is named after the "white chrysanthemum," considered to be the representative ...

Location: Takahashi-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese only.
An interpretor must be arranged by the visitor for other languages.

Sudo Honke Inc.

Our brewery has been operating for 850 years. We only make pure rice sake, and ours is the first brewery to make pure sake in Japan. ...

Location: Kasama-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English (Brochure/presentations/accompanying guide)

Takazawa Sake Brewery

Founded in 1872 in Himi, Toyama, a town nationally famous for its fishers. With annual production of only about 35,000 liters of sake, Takazawa is a small brewe... ...

Location: Himi-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese

Tamura Shuzoujou

In the 5th year of Bunsei (1822), Kanjiro, the ninth head of the Tamura family, founded our sake brewery. The founder dug a well (subsoil water from the Chichib... ...

Location: Fussa-City, Tokyo
Language: Japanese only

Tenryou Sake Brewing

Tenryo sake proudly adheres to the traditional five essential elements of good sake: water, rice, yeast, craftsmanship, and weather. Sake is, in fact, ...

Location: Gero-City, Gifu
Language: Japanese and English

The Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum

The Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum is an ideal venue for understanding the true concept of the joy of discovery, for you will learn about:
-Every aspect...

Location: Kobe-City, Hyogo
Language: Japanese

Toko Sake Museum

The Toko Sake Museum is one of the largest sake museums in the Tohoku region, and is run by Kojima Sohonten Co., Ltd. ...

Location: Yonezawa-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese, English(Signage/brochure/video/images), Chinese (traditional characters)(Signage)

Tonoike Shuzouten

100km north of Tokyo, Mashiko is a town of traditional crafts. Our brewery stands in that town, with emphasis on handwork in sake brewing. Our sake's quality st... ...

Location: Haga-gun, Tochigi
: English
Chinese (pamphlet only)


In Okaya, a city of severe cold, Toshimaya produces quality sake using the main ingredient, rice, produced in Nagano. We stick to the basics while our young ...

Location: Okaya-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese


Established in 1804, the sake produced by our brewery was chosen to supply the household of the daimyo (lord) of the province. The present "Toji" ...

Location: Maniwa-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English (basic conversational-level)

Tsukasabotan Brewing

Founded in 1603. Manufacturer of Sake, Shochu, and other liquor.
Our Sake is brewed with the stream that holds the best quality of water, NIYODO River.

Location: Takaoka-gun, Kochi
Language: Japanese

Umebijin Shuzou Co., Ltd.

As we celebrate one hundred years since our founding, Umebijin remains dedicated to providing our customers with sake straight from its source, ...

Location: Yahatahama-City, Ehime
Language: Japanese, English(Signage/brochure)


Our brewery was founded in 1918. We create sake prepared with underground water from Iidesan (Mt. Iide), within what is referred to as the Tohoku Alps, by inclu...

Location: Kitakata-City, Fukushima
Language: Japanese only

Wakatsuru Shuzo

Toyama Prefecture is known for the delicious kan-buri amberjack and firefly squid of Toyama Bay, as well as for the Northern Alps, towering some 3,000 meters hi... ...

Location: Tonami-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese only

Yachiyoden Distilling

Production of shochu
Cultivation of sweet potatoes
Retail trade

We always aim to make the best Shochu, and challenge to ship our good ...

Location: Tarumizu-City, Kagoshima
Language: Japanese,English

Yoshikawa-touji no Sato

Ours is a local sake carefully brewed with an emphasis on 'rice, water and technique'.
Yoshikawa-touji no Sato brews superb sake from rice grains harvested...

Location: Joetsu-City, Niigata
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet, video)

Asahi Seika

Asahi Seika Co. Ltd., is located in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Pref. We produce various confectionary goods using fresh and delicious water and aspire to provide ...

Location: Yanai-City, Yamaguchi
Language: Japanese, English

Chateraise Hakushu Plant

Chateraise Co., Ltd. is a confectionery maker of ice cream, cake, and other Western and Japanese confectioneries. It operates about 450 stores throughout the co...

Location: Hokuto-City, Yamanashi
Language: Japanese

CYBELE Co., Ltd.

Established in Yamagata City in 1966 as a shop specializing in Western-style desserts. ...

Location: Yamagata-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese, English(Video/images), Korean(Video/images)

Glicopia East

Opened in 2012 within the premises of Kanto Glico Co., Ltd., Glicopia East is a museum that communicates the joy of confectionery by showing the production ...

Location: Kitamoto-City, Saitama
Language: Japanese


Founded in 1930, Hallelujah, a long-loved confectionery company in Tokushima, has been refurbished and reopened as "Hallelujah Sweets Kitchen." You ca...

Location: Itano-gun, Tokushima
Language: Japanese


Koeido is a confectionary, Japanese sweets manufacturing company, established in 1856. The main product is sweet rice cake ball "KIBIDANGO", which is ...

Location: Okayama-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese and English

Koshiyama Shouten

Since our foundation in 1889, we have continued to produce traditional handmade sweets while also working to create new confections. Our aim is...

Location: Kanazawa-City, Ishikawa
Language: Japanese, Chinese

Muraoka Sohonpo Youkan Museum

Muraoka Sohonpo Youkan Museum opened in March 1984 next to the Muraoka Sohonpo Ogi-Honten shop after renovation of a brick-built storehouse for sugar which was built in 1941. ...

Location: Ogi-City, Saga
Language: Japanese

Okashi no Kotobuki Jo

Located right off the Yonago Express Way, we have a facility called "Okashi no Kotobuki Jo", which resembles the old-time Yonago Castle. "Okashi ...

Location: Yonego-City, Tottori
Language: Japanese
English, Korean, Chinese (pamphlet only)

Okinawa Kokuto

Free factory tour of brown sugar processing and brown sugar refining experience workshop
*You can make your own brown sugar (incurs a charge and requires ...

Location: Nkagami-gun, Okinawa
Language: Japanese only

Ryugetsu 'Tokachi Sweetpia Garden'

"Snacks that help strengthen family ties and establish heart-to-heart relationships between people": Our entire staff makes a concerted effort to real...

Location: Katoh-gun, Hokkaido
Language: Japanese only

Ryushodo Co., Ltd.

A company creating Japanese and Western confectionery and bread, founded in 1924. ...

Location: Yame-City, Fukuoka
Language: Japanese, English (Brochure/accompanying guide)

Sasaraya Tateyama original store

Our Senbei (Japanese rice cracker) is made from 100% rice from Toyama. Visitors can try tasty Arare (bite-sized Japanese rice cracker) and Senbei with Japanese ...

Location: Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
Language: Japanese only

Sakata Beika Co., Ltd.

Sakata Beika Co., Ltd. started up in 1951. We are involved in the entire process of making rice crackers, from cleaning the rice to packaging the final product. ...

Location: Sakata-City, Yamagata
Language: Japanese

Sasaraya Tateyama original store

Our Senbei (Japanese rice cracker) is made from 100% rice from Toyama. Visitors can try tasty Arare (bite-sized Japanese rice cracker) and Senbei with Japanese ...

Location: Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
Language: Japanese only

Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Park is a fantastic space based on the ideals of deliciousness, fun and stories of sweets from a bygone era. In addition to housing the Shiroi Ko...

Location: Sapporo-City, Hokkaido
Language: Japanese


Our business is to manufacture and sell handmade Japanese confections, Wagashi. Also we have wagashi trial classes for tourists twice a day, where you can make ...

Location: Asigarasimo-gun, Kanagawa
Language: Japanese only