Fashion and textiles


We are a natural indigo dyeing factory. We provide dyeing experience to visitors.

Location: Kurashiki-City, Okayama
Language: Basically Japanese. (plus a little bit of English)


This is a factory for primarily printing T-shirts. We also design and screen them ourselves. We have both water and oil-base printing equipment, large washing ...

Location: Sendai-City, Miyagi
Language: Japanese only


Today, Kojima, in Kurashiki city, is known nationwide as the birthplace and sanctuary of Japan-made jeans. The "Jeans Museum" was founded to provide ...

Location: Kurashiki-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English

H. Katsukawa

The products H. Katsukawa creates have various backgrounds such as leather materials and their manufacturing process, culture and natural science.

Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Language: Japanese, English

Imabari Textile Resource Center

"We aspire to become the production center of towels in Japan and to continue creating high-quality products that are comfortable and gentle on people's ...

Location: Imabari-City, Ehime
Language: Japanese

Itoigawa Jadeite Workshop Kotaki

Itoigawa jadeite is a Japanese gem. The jadeite is characterized by the mixed colors of white and green, ...

Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

Kimono Emakikan (Kimono Ai, Ltd.)

As the country's traditional clothing, the kimono, with its grace and elegance, represents the true spirit of Japan. ...

Location: Tokamachi-City, Niigata
Language: Japanese

Licca Castle

Licca Castle opened on May 3, 1993, to commemorate Licca-chan’s 25th birthday anniversary. It was established in Ono, Fukushima as the first integrated production factory for dolls in Japan. ...

Location: Tamura-gun, Fukushima
Language: Japanese


The designer is Naohiro Fujisaki. Approaching fashion from the perspective of manufacture and applying the concept, “a tool closest to the body", ...

Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Language: Japanese, English


The designer is Takeshi Mitani. He sets his base in Kyoto City. Based on the historical elements of the clothes that still remain worldwide, he creates his products with the theme of modern folk costumes.

Location: Kitaoji area, Kyoto
Language: Japanese, English


The designer, NERKLE started the brand from the 2013 spring summer collection. “Nerd is slang for ‘uncool.’ THE NERDYS pursues the ‘inner exuding coolness’ worn by people who live their lives search ‘something’ from the fashion point of view.

Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Language: Japanese, English

NICCA Chemical.

NICCA's business units are chemicals and cosmetics. Textile chemical is the major business field of NICCA worldwide. We are also strong for fine chemicals for ...

Location: Fukui-city, Fukui
Language: Although presentation is provided in English and/or Chinese, an interpreter needs to be accompanied.


A museum of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage registration "Yuki Tumugi."
Including a museum, you can enjoy Yuki pongee from the exhibit space ...

Location: Yuki-City, Ibaraki
Language: Japanese


SEIREN CO., LTD was founded in 1889. Seiren is a comprehensive textile manufacturer, integrating the stages of planning, manufacturing and selling from the ...

Location: Sakai-City, Fukui
Language: Japanese only


The designer is Tamae Hirokawa. Deploying the concept of the “possibilities of body wear”, she pursues the creation of clothing close to the skin.

Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo
Language: Japanese, English


susuri was established in 2013. The brand is byTatsuya and Ai Saito, the designers. They freely draw comfortable shapes that transcend gender barriers - neither masculine, nor feminine, nor gender-neutral.

Location: Undisclosed
Language: Japanese, English

Ushikubi Pongee Silk Hakusan-Koubou

Traditional woven fabric that has been produced in the Shiramine District at the foot of Mt. Hakusan for over 800 years. Preserving the time-honored techniques, the company...

Location: Hakusan-City, Ishikawa
Language: Japanese only

Yosooidokoro Futaba

A fancy and fashionable shop which allows guests to see and touch kimonos and even pick out some to wear. ...

Location: Saga City, Saga
Language: Japanese, English (Signage/brochure), Chinese (Signage), Thai (Signage/brochure)