Daisekkei Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1898, Daisekkei, meaning “Big Snow Valley”, is located at the foot of the Northern Alps of Japan.
The region is home to many wasabi (Japanese horseradish) fields. We produce high quality sake using pure water running from the mountains and locally grown rice. We stick to our tradition in making sake. The vital elements for the making of good sake, such as a cool climate, are all here in Azumino, which also boasts a charming pastoral scene. Come join us here, and see for yourself how sake is made.


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9642-2 Aizome, Ikeda-machi, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-ken

About 20 minutes by car from the Azumino Exit of the Nagano Expressway
Parking (passenger car): Available (on/near the facility)
Parking fee (passenger car): Free
Parking (tour bus): Available (large, medium) (on/near the facility)
Parking fee (tour bus): Free


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 8:00-17:00
Closings Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays
Visitor capacity Please contact us
Time required for a tour 1 hour
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Tel: +81-261-62-3125
E-mail: info@jizake.co.jp
Fax: +81-261-62-2150
Other conditions Tours will be given in Japanese

©Daisekkei Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd.


Tel: +81-261-62-3125
Fax: +81-261-62-2150