Chugoku Area



The Izumo Grand Shrine appears in the Kojiki, the oldest historical text in Japan, and is a prestigious shrine which is said to be where all the gods around Japan gather in October. Shimane is a location with a lot of history. For example, the Tamatsukuri hot springs are said to be the oldest hot springs in Japan. It is a large producer and exporter of peonies that ship across the globe and it is also invested in organic farming. An industrial silver mine, called Iwami Ginzan, is registered as a world heritage site due to the environmental conservation efforts it has made since olden times, such as planting trees. Shimane is also where tatara iron making takes place, which is an old and unusual man-powered method of making iron. It continues to thrive in iron and steel-related businesses and has grown into a district of casting and special steel-related businesses.


Komatsu Electric Industry keeps to act based on our mission, We should make the global society where people can live continuously and...

Location : Matsue-city, Shimane
Language : Regularly in Japanese


We offer accessories based on gemstones and produce one of the most authentic styles of Magatama over 100 years. Our "Izumo-style Magatama"...

Location : Matsue-city, Shimane
Language : Japanese only

Murataya Corporation

A new series of K-iwami sholder pouch and cosmetic pouch that are woven with a lightweight yet durable new fiber name "Kamino-Ito"and dyed by an "Edo Komon"method. ...

Location : Masuda-City Shimane
Language : Japanese

Nakamura Chaho

We are a long-lasting company specialized in the blending and distribution of Japanese green tea. In making our teas, we select leaves from reliable growers all around Japan...

Location : Matsue-city, Shimane
Language : Japanese only



Okayama is an active producer of fruits and is known for its peaches, grapes, and Atago pears, which are a giant species of Japanese pear. It has dense forests and is a prominent producer of Hinoki cypress wood. It is also known for Bizen ware – which is unglazed clay pottery that bears an exquisite texture – and Japanese swords, and it remains home to artisans to this day. Okayama’s industries revolve around the Mizushima Coastal Industrial Zone, flourishing in the production of petroleum, chemicals, iron, and steel. Okayama is also where Japan-sourced jeans originated and its textile sector accounts for one of the largest domestic market shares in school uniforms and nylon fishing nets. The Kurashiki area is a popular sightseeing spot known for its townscape of white buildings.


We are a natural indigo dyeing factory. We provide dyeing experience to visitors.

Location : Kurashiki-city, Okayama
Language : Basically Japanese


Established in 1910. Winner of the one of the most prestigious awards such as Grand Gold Awards, iTQi 3 Golden Stars. We manufacture...

Location : Kasaoka-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only


Today, Kojima, in Kurashiki city, is known nationwide as the birthplace and sanctuary of Japan-made jeans. The "Jeans Museum" was founded to provide the opportunity to...

Location : Kurashiki-city, Okayama
Language : Japanses or English

Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum / Bizen Osafune Token Village

This is a very unique Japanese sword exhibiting museum nationwide. The actual workshops of craftsmen who has been trained to succeed the skills of ...

Location : Setouchi-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only

KIMONO Terrasse

Since I have the title of “Okayama KimonoHakase”, I try not only to spend my time in kimono, but also to live a life in which I can feel the culture. ...

Location : Okayama-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese

Kirin Beer Park Okayama

Kirin Brewery is one of the leading beer companies in Japan. Okayama factory is responsible for the production of alcohol beverages in Chugoku and...

Location : Okayama-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese,If interpretation is required, please contact us in advance.


Koeido is a confectionary, Japanese sweets manufacturing company, established in 1856. The main product is sweet rice cake ball "KIBIDANGO", which...

Location : Okayama-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese or English

Marumoto Sake Brewery

Although it is common practice for wine producers to grow their own grapes, it is not so common for sake brewers to grow their own rice -- sake's main ingredient...

Location : Asakuchi-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mizushima Plant

This is a comprehensive tour of Mizushima Plant's automotive manufacturing processes from production press to final assembly, including metal casting and...

Location : Kurashiki-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only

Okayamaken bizenyaki touyuukai

We are a cooperative of Bizenyaki potters. We support maintaining and developing the culture of Bizenyaki and provide trainings for successors. There are...

Location : Bizen-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese, English or Korean

Shiragiku shuzo

"Taiten Shiragiku" brand sake was founded in 1886. This brand is named after the "white chrysanthemum," considered to be the representative autumn flower of Japan...

Location : Takahashi-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only


We cultivate a lot of White peaches, muscat grapes, seedless grapes (called New Pione) and new types of grapes (with edible thin skin) in our tourist farm.We have some...

Location : Akaiwa-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese only


Established in 1804, the sake produced by our brewery was chosen to supply the household of the daimyo (lord) of the province. The present "Toji" ( head sake maker ) is...

Location : Maniwa-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese or English

Yamada Bee Company

We make and sell honey products such as health food and cosmetics. Combining health food, honey, and cosmetics, we deal in over 200 types of products and...

Location : Tomata-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese, English, Chinese

Yumiko Igarashi Museum

The Yumiko Igarashi Museum contains a collection of the famous artist’s works over her career. Visitors can experience the excitement and fantastic dreams...

Location : Kurashiki-city, Okayama
Language : Japanese, English: Brochure, Korean: Brochure, Chinese: Brochure



Hiroshima is home to two world heritage sites: the Atomic Dome, the remains of which bear the suffering experienced by the atomic bomb that was dropped at the end of WWII, and the Itsukushima Shrine built over the sea. Its capital, Hiroshima City, is also the central city of west Japan. Oysters are collected from its calm sea and account for 60% of oyster production, ranking at the top nationally in 2016. Hiroshima is known for its local sake and savory Japanese pancakes called okonomiyaki with the unique addition of Chinese noodles. It has a shipbuilding industry in Kure, which is next to the Seto Inland Sea, and active automobile, iron, and steel industries. The world-renowned luxury Kumano brushes are also from Hiroshima. They first began as a side job for farmers during the offseason. Fukuyama Koto accounts for 70% of the production of koto, a Japanese string instrument. This is due to the encouragement that it received from the feudal lords during the early modern period.


Chugoku Jozo makes an effort to create and supply unique and good sake, and make the food culture wealthy.

Location : Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese Only

Fujii Shuzo

Chugoku Jozo makes an effort to create and supply unique and good sake, and make the food culture wealthy.

Location : Takehara-City, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese Only

Mazda Museum

Mazda museum features the history, the vehicle manufacturing process, and latest technologies...

Location : Aki-city, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese and English


MIYAKE HONTEN "SEMPUKU" SAKE BREWERY Co., Ltd. was founded in Hiroshima in 1856. Our brand...

Location : Kure-city, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese and English

Mizuho Brush

Mizuho Brush Co. has built its business by manufacturing and developing makeup, water color, nail design, and various other brushes. We create our brushes ...

Location : Aki-gun, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese, English

National Research Institute of Brewing

The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB) conducts fundamental and applied research on...

Location : Higashi-hiroshima-city, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese and English

Otafuku Sauce

A healthy body leads to a healthy heart and mind. By choosing only ingredients of the best quality, we can...

Location : Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima
Language : Japanese Only


Hands-on Okonomiyaki Class: we offer a hands-on class for anyone, from tourists to student groups, who wants to learn how to make Okonomiyaki.

Location : Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima
Language : English, Manual of Chinese



Tottori Prefecture is known for its vast sand dunes, designated as a national natural monument. It is an active producer of Chinese onions, Japanese pears, and watermelons, which are suited to sandy soil farming. The Sakai Port allows large ships to dock and is located near the highway. This has set up the grounds for large amounts of Pacific bluefin tuna fishing and has established the Sakai Port as the base of tuna production in the western Sea of Japan. Tottori also produces cedar wood and other timber, with forests accounting for 74% of its total area. The Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji Temple is an extremely unusual temple built into the mouth of a cave on a precipice, which is a designated national cultural property. Its traditional crafts include Inshu Washi, which is paper that has been selected as a gift to the ancient Imperial Court in the past, as well as resist-dyed textiles called Yumihama-gasuri, which bear an exquisite contrast between blue and white. Tottori is also an active producer of electronic components.

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Founded in 1865, we are the sole sake brewery in Sakaiminato City. Our products are all made of local (Tottori)-grown rice and other ingredients. We conduct bus...

Location : Sakaiminato-City, Tottori
Language : Japanese, Korean (signs, pamphlet)

Gōshō Aoyama Manga Factory

Located in Hokuei-cho, Tottori Prefecture, where Gōshō Aoyama, the original author of "Detective Conan/Case Closed" was raised. This is the only fac...

Location : Tohaku-gun, Tottori
Language : Japanese
English, Korean, Chinese (guide plate/displays/brochure/video/images/presentations)

Okashi no Kotobuki Jo

Located right off the Yonago Express Way, we have a facility called "Okashi no Kotobuki Jo", which resembles the old-time Yonago Castle. "Okashi ...

Location : Yonego-City, Tottori
Language : Japanese
English, Korean, Chinese (pamphlet only)



Yamaguchi is on the westernmost end of mainland Japan, surrounded by the sea on three sides. The seas are rich in marine resources, invigorating the fishing industry and giving access to various types of fishing. Yamaguchi was where the government first lifted the pufferfish ban in the early modern period. Therefore, its specialty became pufferfish, especially the high-end tiger pufferfish. It also produced many important figures in the modernization of Japan and is characterized by the many historical sites from that time. Yamaguchi has many limestone karsts, and Akiyoshido, one of Japan’s largest limestone caves, is a popular tourist destination. It has a thriving cement industry – which uses limestone excavated from the soil – as well as chemical and transportation equipment manufacturing industries centered on oil refineries. Yamaguchi’s traditional crafts include Hagi ware, which has been around since the 16th century, and Ouchi lacquerware, characterized by its vermillion base coat.

Asahi Seika

Asahi Seika Co. Ltd., is located in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Pref. We produce various confectionary goods using fresh and delicious water and aspire to provide ...

Location : Yanai-City, Yamaguchi
Language : Japanese, English


We brew sake-dassai in Yamaguchi. Sake-dassai is created using a careful combination of tradition and cutting edge technology.Our brewery is a medley of ...

Location : Iwakuni-City, Yamaguchi
Language : English, French, Chinese, Japanese


Our sake retains a traditional hand-crafted taste. The key to its quality is producing only a small amount to maintain meticulous management and fermenting in s...

Location : Yamaguchi-City, Yamaguchi
Language : Japanese only

Mitsuura Brewry

Since founded in 1865 we have been producing traditional Japanese seasoning such as miso (fermented soybean paste) and soy sauce. We believe that ...

Location : Hofu-City, Yamaguchi
Language : Japanese only

Sagawa Shoyu

Sagawa Shoyu was founded in 1830. We have produced soy sauce for over 100 years and maintain traditional methods. Our factory is located in a historical area in...

Location : Yanai-City, Yamaguchi
Language : Japanese only

Take Create Hagi

Our company manufactures and sells bamboo furniture. Raw bamboo material is supplied from local forests. Our products are 100% bamboo only and made in Japan. ...

Location : Hagi-City, Yamaguchi
Language : Japanese only