Chohachi Kaiun Co., Ltd. (Night View of the Factory Zone of Kawasaki)

A tour to enjoy the night view of the factory zone from the sea, boarding a pleasure boat from Shiohama, Kawasaki-ku, and traveling Shiohama Canal, Tanabe Canal, Minamiwatarida Canal, Keihin Canal, Daishi Canal, Suehiro Canal, Chidori Canal, etc. We offer a microbus service to and from the boatslip at Shiohama. Kawasaki factory zone night view guides will accompany each tour to explain the various spots.



JR Kawasaki Station East Exit

No parking (passenger car, tour bus)


Admission fee Adult: ¥4,000-, Children ¥3,000- (pickup bus・embarkation fee)
Working days and hours
Visitor capacity 45 (minimum of 20 required)
Time required for a tour 3 hours
Language Japanese
English (Brochure/video)
Chinese (Brochure)
Korean (Brochure)
Reservation Tel: +81-3-6436-0395
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Tel: +81-3-6436-0395