AKASHIYA is the largest brush manufacturer in Japan with some 380 years of history, having been founded in the Mid Edo Period. While honoring our traditions, we also develop new products for a new age and have worked hard to bring the touch of traditional Japanese calligraphy to people around the world. We currently produce between 2 and 3 million calligraphy pens a year. We also export our products to Southeast Asia, Europe, and the USA, and are seeing how the traditions, styles, and elegance of Japan are being understood and appreciated abroad.
Since we would like many people to know how beautiful and how difficult to make Japanese calligraphy brushes are, we have a "Showroom tour" and a "Making brushes workshop."
On the "Showroom tour," you can see how the craftsman makes the traditional Japanese calligraphy brushes. Through the "Making brushes workshop," you can make your own 2 brushes lectured by a craftsman.
As both tour and workshop are held in AKASHIYA shop-showroom, you can purchase the brushes after the great experience. There are not only traditional calligraphy brushes but also brush pens with colored ink and make up brushes.



78-1, Minamishin-machi, Nara-city, Nara, 630-8016, JAPAN

Bus: Take the Nara-kotsu bus from Kintetsu/JR liine Nara station, and get off it at Sanjo-ohji-ni-chome st. 8miutes walk from there.
Taxi: 7minutes from Kintetsu Nara line Yamato-saidai-ji St.
7minutes from JR Nara-st.
*Parking is free.


Admission fee A. Show room tour : Free
B. Making brushes workshop :1,575 yen (2 brushes included.)
Working days and hours Mon-Sat. 10:00AM to 5:00PM (Workshop ends at 4:00PM).
Closings Sundays. During the summer holiday season, year end/ New Year holiday season.
Visitor capacity A. Show room tour : 50
B. Making brushes workshop : 20
On Sundays and holidays, 15 or more visitors are needed to make a reservation.
Time required for a tour A. Show room tour: 30~60 minutes.
B. Making brushes workshop: about 1hour.
Language Web site: Japanese, English.
E-mail: Japanese, English,
Tour and Workshop :Japanese only.
Reservation Required
E-mail "international@akashiya-fude.co.jp" including information below.
1. Name,
2. Address,
3. Phone number,
4. E-mail address,
5. Means of transportation,
6. Desired date and time,
7. Number of visitors,
8. Choice of what you want to do.
- A. Showroom tour or
- B. Making brushes workshop.
*1month prior to tour or workshop date.
Other conditions An interpreter must be arranged by the visitor.


Tel: 0742-33-6181 *Japanese only
E-mail: international@akashiya-fude.co.jp