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Japanese craft spirits consist of shochu, Japanese whiskey and gin, among others. Shochu is a largely unknown spirit in the world right now. However, we strongly believe it has big potential in the global market.
As a government-related organization, JETRO is now working hard to promote shochu exports from Japan to the world.
This website helps you explore the attractions of shochu, and also supports you in finding partners to import it from Japan. So, please enjoy this “shochu world,” and we welcome your feedback and inquiries!!

The appeal of shochu

Shochu 101

‘Shochu" A spirit from Japan.
"Shochu" is a rare spirit that has evolved uniquely on the island of Japan. The production method is unique, and the wide array of rare and special flavors reflect this. This page deconstructs these Japanese craft spirits from a mixologist's point of view.

A variety of Shochu Company & product

A variety of Shochu
Company & product

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Do you know Shochu ?

Shochu and awamori are made using koji, a uniquely Japanese culture of fermentation, their production involves both brewing and distilling techniques. The production process is unusual, and the flavors are unique. To bartenders from overseas, it feels like a mysterious spirit that has evolved on its own in the eastern island nation of Zipangu. 

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Shochu Museum

Shochu Cocktails

Shochu Cocktails

In these pages, you can enjoy various shochu cocktails made from a wide variety of shochu.

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