Autumn 2014 Edition

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 edition of JETRO Sydney’s Quarterly Newsletter, produced by the Japan External Trade Organisation’s office in Sydney.

In this issue:

• An analysis of the results of this year’s Survey on Business Conditions of the Japanese-Affiliated companies in Australia by JETRO Sydney’s research department.
• Special Guest View from Ross Humphries, president of National Federation of Australia Japan Societies (NFAJS) - How the NFAJS is building better relationships, in which he also talks about the Brisbane-Kobe sister city relationship and how it provides a model for building business relationships.
• Guest View from Manuel Panagiotopoulos – “Promising signs of recovery”, in which he reviews the impact of the annual Australia-Japan and International Economic Outlook conference.
• A message from our managing director – “A silver lining to greying hairs”, in which he explains how Japan’s aging population presents a great opportunity to Australian companies.
• A new and recent Successful Investment Case Study: Powder Recon, a company that has established a unique skiing business in Japan.

To download the Newsletter, please click the below link.

JETRO Sydney Newsletter Autumn 2014 Edition