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20-Apr-2017 to 24-Apr-2017

Xiamen / China / Asia

Buddhist Statues, Buddhist Niche, Buddhist Instrument, Incense, Candles, Buddhist Lamps & Lanterns, Monk Apparel & Embroidery, Buddhist Books, Painting & Music, Tea & Vegetarian Food, Buddhism Crafts, Zen Space Decoration, Temple Architecture & Decoration, Incense Machine & Raw Materials, etc.

24-Apr-2017 to 26-Apr-2017

Praha(Prague) / Czech Republic / Europe・CIS

packaging, innovative technologies, packaging solutions

24-Apr-2017 to 26-Apr-2017

Praha(Prague) / Czech Republic / Europe・CIS

technology, materials, advertisement production, sign making, printing,
POP/POS, associated services, advertising, packaging, advertising agencies, the latest news and trends, Professional accompanying program, guaranteed by specialists, Contracting-selling Fair

25-Apr-2017 to 27-Apr-2017

Orlando / U.S.A. / North America

Base Materials, Adhesives and Inks, Flexographic / Rotogravure Printing, Prepress Systems, Metallizing / Vacuum Coating, Extrusion Coating, Coating and Laminating, Drying / Curing / Moisturizing, (Pre-)Treatment, Inspection, Test and Measurement, Drives and Controls, Web Accessories, etc.

27-Apr-2017 to 30-Apr-2017

/ China / Asia

Printing & packaging, design and Printing Equipment, Stationery & Sports Products, Christmas Cultural Articles, Cross-stitch, Frame Pictures and Crafts, Buddhist Cultural Products, Jingdezhen's Ceramics, Crafts & Arts, Cultural and Creative Products, Painting & Antique.

27-Apr-2017 to 30-Apr-2017

Hong Kong / China / Asia

Printing & Packaging Services & Equipment / Digital Printing & 3D Printing / F&B Packaging Solutions / Green Printing & Packaging Solutions / Printing Consumables & Packaging Materials / Innovative Retail Display Solutions (NEW) / Printing & Packaging Solutions for Fashion & Accessories (NEW)

27-Apr-2017 to 29-Apr-2017

Koeln (Cologne) / Germany / Europe・CIS

Vending machines and components, Vending machine cups/disposable
tableware, Filling products (food), Operations, Services, Others.

9-May-2017 to 12-May-2017

Budapest / Hungary / Europe・CIS

Energy industry, energy management, Fluid technology, Subcontracting industry, metalworking and geotechnology, Logistics, Machine manufacturing welding technology, Financial and business services.

9-May-2017 to 12-May-2017

Melbourne / Australia / Oceania

Engineering, Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Safety Products, Machine Tools, Materials Handling, Welding Joining and Heat Treatment, Assembly, Computers, Process and Control, 3D printing.

16-May-2017 to 18-May-2017

Toronto / Canada / North America

Flexible Packaging, Cartons, Labels and Tags, Custom Automation Equipment, Contract Services, Printing, Converting, Processing, Materials, Material handling, Software.

17-May-2017 to 19-May-2017

Baku / Azerbaijan / Europe・CIS

Packaging machinery and equipment, Raw materials and semi-finished materials for package production, Packaging materials and finished products, Repacking, Labelling and bar coding technologies, Equipment for printing on packaging,
Raw materials for label production, etc.

21-May-2017 to 23-May-2017

New York / U.S.A. / North America

Prints and Patterns for all Applications-Decorative Fabrics, Linens and Domestics, Apparel and Contract Textiles, Wall and Floor Coverings Greeting Cards, Giftwrap and Other Paper Products, Tabletop, Ceramics and Packaging, Available for Sale or License.

22-May-2017 to 24-May-2017

Dar Es Salaam / Tanzania / Africa

Automotive, Agro & Food, Building & Construction, Consumer & Households, IT & Electronics, Industrial & Machinery, Medical & Pharma, Plastics & Polymer, Printing & Packaging, Paper & Converters, Safety & Security

23-May-2017 to 26-May-2017

Melbourne / Australia / Oceania

Printing: Gravure, Offset, Screen, Label and Color Copying; Packaging: Machinery, Materials and Supplies; Industry Supply Areas: Graphic Arts, Desk Top Publishing, Pre-press Supplies, Paper and Art Supplies, etc.

23-May-2017 to 25-May-2017

San Paulo(Sao Paulo) / Brazil / Central and South America

Raw materials, equipment, packaging, components and services for the cosmetic industry.

23-May-2017 to 25-May-2017

Singapore / Singapore / Asia

3D Printing, Biometrics, Big Data, Business Analytics, Business and IT Solutions, Cloud Computing and Services, Data Centre, eGovernment & e-Services, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Networks and Technologies, Security, Smartcards / RFID, Software, Storage Systems, Smart Cities Solutions.

24-May-2017 to 26-May-2017

Shanghai / China / Asia

Adhesive tape; Protective film; Optical Film; Functional film; Manufacturing equipment and instruments; Test equipment ; Die cutting Machine; Blade, Coating head and other auxiliary equipment; Raw material and chemical products;

30-May-2017 to 1-Jun-2017

Paris / France / Europe・CIS

Creative software, print design materials, printing materials for all printing processes - offset, digital, ink-jet, flexography, photogravure, etc. - on all media and particularly packaging, conversion, finishing, binding and distribution, consumables and print media, Service providers.

31-May-2017 to 2-Jun-2017

San Paulo(Sao Paulo) / Brazil / Central and South America

Integrated tissue products makers, jumbo roll suppliers, tissue converters, and suppliers to the tissue industry including paper-making machinery and accessories, converting machinery and supplies, pulp fibre, pulping and stock, chemicals, automation and more.

7-Jun-2017 to 8-Jun-2017

Johannesburg / South Africa / Africa

Bags, Coolers, Corporate clothing, Drinkware and food, Folders and tablet holders, Keyholders, Lanyards, Giftsets, Golfing products, Mobile technology, Notebooks, Packaging and plaques, Personal care products, Sports and wellness-related gifts, Sunglasses, Tools, torches and knives, Watches

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