How to Set Up Business in Japan

Provides an overview of the laws, regulations and procedures related to setting up a business in Japan, as well as an easy-to-follow Flowchart outlining the basic steps and a Model Case showing approximate start-up costs.

Section1: Incorporating Your Business

Definitions and comparisons of various business operations; procedures and guidelines for establishing/registering each of these distinct operations in Japan.

Section2: Visas and Status of Residence

Entry procedures into Japan, conditions and provisions that apply to various types of visas and working/residence statuses; the alien registration process; details concerning family members accompanying foreign nationals.

Section3: Taxes in Japan

Aspects of Japan's tax systems most relevant to a foreign corporation/individual investing in Japan (emphasis on corporate tax structures, tax treaties as well as personal and consumption taxes).

Section4: Human Resource Management

Japan's labor laws and regulations; topics include; recruitment; employment contracts; wages, working hours; work rules; workplace safety and hygiene requirements; resignation and dismissal procedures and Japan's social security, health and pension systems.

Section5: Trademark and Design Protection Systems

Japan's trademark and design protection systems; registration validities, periods of protection as well as trademark and design registration procedures.

  • Model Case : Looks at the approximate costs of establishing two types of business in Japan, including everything from obtaining visas to real estate broker fees.
  • Flowchart : Simple outline of the basic steps involved in setting up a business.