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Investing in Japan

Regional Information


The information below is as of July 2014.

Your Regional Guide: Eiji Nakao

Shimane Pref. Concierge

Inquires about investment in Japan.

Industrial Promotion Division, Industry and Labor DepartmentTo other site
1 Tonomachi, Matsue-city, Shimane Prefecture 690-8501
TEL: +81-852-22-5295   FAX: +81-852-22-6080


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Manufacturing, software, etc.

(Related sectors: Automobile and Transport Equipment, ICT, Cloud computing, Electronic Components, Devices and Semiconductors/ Precision Machinery)

Attractive features

The prefecture is characterized by its cluster of primary materials manufacturing industries, with recent years witnessing the increased participation of companies from the telecommunications equipment, electronic component, general machinery and other processing and assembly sectors. The appeal of the region includes its rich water resources, electricity expenses subsidy system (half to full amount of expenses for 8 years), and its comparatively low land prices. Digital contents and BPO-related companies are starting to accumulate in the prefecture in recent years, exemplified principally by the location of major data centers.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry
  • Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Yasugi Factory
  • Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Tool Engineering,Ltd.
  • Matsue DaiーIchi Seiko Co., Ltd
  • Panasonic Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.
  • Wacom-IT Co., Ltd.
  • BellSystem24 Inc.
  • Shimane Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Shimane Shimadzu Corporation
  • Omron Izumo Co., Ltd.
  • Daihatsu Metal Co.,Ltd.
  • Shimane Sanyo Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Hoshizaki Electric Co., Ltd. Shimane Factory
  • Keeper Co., Ltd. Misumi Factory
  • Yasugi Ltd.
  • Moriya Cutlery Laboratory
  • Asano Haguruma Seisakusho Co., LTD.
  • Komatsu Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • Shimane Jidoki Co., Ltd.
  • Techno Project Co., Ltd.
  • Network Applied Communication Laboratory
  • Watanabe Seiko Co., Ltd. (Non in order)
Principal foreign companies in the industry
  • Crestron Japan, Inc. (Japanese Only)
  • MC SECURITY Co.,Ltd. (Japanese-Korean joint venture)
  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
  • Delta C&C Co., Ltd.
Major education/research institutes of the industry

Educational institutions: Shimane University, Matsue College of Technology, Shimane Polytechnic College, and others
Research institutions: Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology and others

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

Advanced Technology Innovation Project
(1) Enhancement of special steel and forging technology
(2) Development of spray and vapor phase coating technology
(3) Development of rare metal alternative technology
(4) Next-generation power electronics
(5) Development of heat and simulation based applied technology
(6) Human interface
(7) Development of organic electronics technology
(8) Development of functional materials for aging society
(9) Emotional digitalization and creation of high value added foods

*Please visit General Business Information pages for basic information on the region, including population, GDP, services for investment in Japan, and databases of local companies.

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