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Investing in Japan

Open the Door to Success in JAPAN | Message from the Prime Minister | Japan's Attractive investment environment | The services provided by JETRO

Who we are


JETRO is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world....Read more...

Talk to JETRO first

Easy-to-understand information on the market and the business and living environment in Japan. Read more...PDF(5.1MB)

Success Stories

In April 2013, Tommy Bahama Group Inc. which offers the island lifestyle apparel brand "Tommy Bahama" opened a freestanding store including a bar and a restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. It is the first such flagship store to be opened by the company outside the US.Read more...PDF(170KB)

Regional Information

We introduce you to the in-depth profiles of Japan's regions, by highlighting major industries and clusters—including size, attractive features and level of R&D functions—as well as other aspects of the general business environment.Read more...

Doing Business in Japan

How to Set Up Business in Japan
An overview of the laws, regulations and procedures with an easy-to-flow Floawchart
Model Case showing approximate start-up costs

Why Japan?

Discover the advantages of doing business in Japan.

3 Windows on Japan

Contact us

JETRO has domestic and overseas offices worldwide. Please contact your nearest JETRO office by using information on "JETRO Worldwide".
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