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Japanese Film Producet Guide Hongkong Film Market 2014

High Kick Angels

Action - / 90min / color

Original Title
High Kick Angels
Year of Production
Release Date (Japan)
Production Company
HKA Film Partners
Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Director of Photography
Main Cast
Kanon Miyahara, Mayu Kawamoto, Kaede Aono


The girls from the high school film club are shooting their action epic “High Kick Angels” at school. Their goal is to make a full-scale action film in the style of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. As they toil away at their amateur effort, a gang of thugs descend upon the schoolyard...

Director's Bio:

Kazuhiro Yokoyama

Sales Company Profile:

Sales Company
Nikkatsu Corporation
Company Info
Established in 1912. NIKKATSU Corporation has the oldest history in Japanese film production with its large library amounting to approx. 3,300 titles directed by world-class filmmaking geniuses such as Kon Ichikawa and Shohei Imamura, and has achieved 100th anniversary in 2012. Active in theatrical release, distribution of its own films as well as imported films, satellite, schooling, DVDs and studio operation. Having studio operation with 7 studios and post-production, makes Nikkatsu possible to create films by its own. Not only for own films, but also Nikkatsu studio has joined various company's works as post-production like "Death Note", "L : Change the World", "GANTZ", "Penance", "Seventh Code" and "Unforgiven".
As a recent work, Nikkatsu has announced a new co-production film, "Killers" directed by Indonesian director, Mo Brothers together with an Indonesian company Guerriramera and L.A based sales company XYZ film solutions which just premiered at Sundance International Film Festival.
Sales Rep
Nikkatsu Corporation

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