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JETRO Toronto

Who We Are

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a Japanese government-affiliated organization promoting trade and investment between Japan and countries around the world. Our global network consists of 72 international offices in 55 countries as well as 38 domestic offices in Japan. In Canada we have local offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

Background and Services

JETRO Toronto provides business development support to Canadian and Japanese companies which are looking to expand in each respective market. The two main streams through which JETRO Toronto carries out its mandate are: supporting Foreign Direct Investment bilaterally and promoting Strategic Alliances between Canadian and Japanese companies.

FDI Business Intelligence -- Supporting Canadian companies establish offices in Japan

JETRO Toronto provides free market entry information and support to qualifying Canadian companies to assist in the successful expansion to the Japanese market. As JETRO is a government-affiliated organization, the majority of our services are available free-of-charge to qualifying companies. Some of our more popular services include market research, temporary office space, business matching, symposia, etc. Further detail on these services is available here.

Strategic Alliances – Support in the matchmaking of synergistic Canadian and Japanese companies

JETRO Toronto provides qualified Canadian companies with opportunities to meet potential Japanese partners through business matching programs at major trade shows in Japan, Canada & the U.S. Other Strategic Alliance activities include the year-round partnering programs which facilitate partnerships via ongoing application process. For further information on JETRO’s Strategic Alliance services, please send an email to

We invite you to utilize the information on our website and to contact JETRO Toronto to find out how JETRO can be of direct assistance in your business expansion to Japan.

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181 University Ave, Ste. 1600
Toronto, ON M5H-3M7
Phone: (416) 861-0000
Fax: (416) 861-9666

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